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    A dovetail joint, in which fan shaped tenons (or pins) fit into corresponding mortises, or tails, is a classic joint that has been used in carpentry for centuries. It is commonly found in drawers, jewellery and storage boxes and in cabinets. When cut accurately, the dovetail joint is incredibly strong and difficult to pull apart, even if no glue is used, and can be very aesthetically pleasing. Strong Jig Joining Cutting a dovetail joint by hand is a skilled operation, but the dovetailer jig makes it possible for anyone with some experience of using woodworking power tools to make perfect joints very quickly. Dovetail jigs are robust and easy to set up. Different attachments are available to produce joints of varying sizes, from very small dovetails for jewellery boxes and the like to larger rebated lap dovetails for furniture making.

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