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Product Code: SIP04592


RRP: £ 31.10
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  • Accepts A 16 Amp Round Pin Plug
  • Acts As An Adaptor, Converting To A 13 Amp Household Socket
  • Ideal For Use With Generators
  • Useful Adaptor For Building Sites
  • Handy Electrical Accessory

SIP 04592 13 Amp / 16 Amp Adaptor Plug With 3 Pin 230v Socket

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Quick Overview

A socket adaptor that converts a 3 pin round 16 amp plug, into a 13 amp household socket.

Many generators used on building and construction sites are manufactured with a 3-pin 16 amp plug socket. Using the generator with tools and appliances that have standard household 13 amp plugs is impossible without a converter. The SIP 16 am to 13 amp socket adaptor does just that, providing a single 13 amp household socket. Sturdy and robust, designed for a long life.

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