Automowers: Quick Guide

In Brief

  • Low Maintenance & Costs - set it and forget it!
  • Discreet - no harmful emissions and very quiet
  • All Weather - your mower will run rain or shine
  • Eco-friendly - clippings are returned to the soil to naturally fertilise your lawn.
  • Top Brands - machinery you can trust

Now you can achieve a 100% perfect lawn with 0% effort. Robotic mowers have been around for a while but like most new technology has been a little on the pricey side. The leading manufacturers of robotic lawnmowers, Husqvarna, have now produced over 300,000 units and moved production to the UK to meet increased demand. Simple to install with a docking-charging station and loop boundary wire robotic lawnmowers will constantly mow the lawn.

  • settings Easy Setup Install once and you'll be enjoying a perfectly maintained lawn for years to come.
  • nature_people Eco-Friendly Low running costs. Small clippings are returned to the soil to fertilise your lawn.
  • power_settings_new Self-Charging Automowers automatically return to their charging station when running low on charge.

In Detail

Low Noise Robotic mowers work very quietly, going about their business without disturbing you or your neighbours.

Low Cost Costs are considerably lower than equivalent petrol powered machinery and charge themselves only when required.

All-weather Performance These machines are designed to perform outdoors 100% of the time, faultlessly, regardless of the weather conditions.

Safety & Security Auto-stop when devices are lifted, halting when unexpected objects are touched and extensive anti-theft features.

Optimised Cutting Robotic mowers are designed to cut little but often which helps to promote a strong and healthy lawn & efficient operation.

All Lawn Shapes & Sizes Many years of testing and development have led to robotic mowers providing an even and thorough coverage for any lawn shape, no matter how complex.

Top Sellers

Installation Videos keyboard_arrow_right See how easily robotic mowers can be installed with videos supplied by the top manufacturer Husqvarna.