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BBQ Covers & Bags

BBQ Covers & Bags

Search below for BBQ covers and bags by market leaders such as Weber, Outback and Lifestyle, all are specifically designed to give full-length protection for our barbecues. The covers are made to last and provide all-weather protection when storing your barbecue outdoors. They are also a great way of keeping equipment ready for use when storing indoors. The right cover will lengthen the life of your barbecue, and give you complete peace of mind. Smokey Meat BBQ Covers. The best barbecues deserve the best protection. Made from heavy duty vinyl, these covers are available to fit all models of barbecue giving full length protection. Above all they're easy to fit, and simply fold up to be put away when not needed. They will help keep your barbecue looking good for years.

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Latest reviews for BBQ Covers & Bags

Average rating: 5 star(s) | Total reviews: 28

GRAND HALL Cover for 4 Burner Xenon and Argon BBQ


It looks like it is a very good quality! I am a happy customer .

Reviewed by Sarah / (Posted on 2019-07-21)

OUTBACK Cover to Fit 6 Burner Hooded Barbecues

A Smart Well Fitting Cover

Smart well fitting cover.

Reviewed by Baytree / (Posted on 2019-06-12)

OUTBACK 370050 Cover for Some 3 Burner Hooded Barbecues

Good Product

Good product Good service.

Reviewed by David / (Posted on 2019-05-18)

OUTBACK Excel and Omega BBQ Cover


Covered well.

Reviewed by Birdy / (Posted on 2019-01-18)

OUTBACK 370050 Cover for Some 3 Burner Hooded Barbecues

Good Quality

Good cover, well made and perfect fit even though my model is not an Outback.

Reviewed by Carrie / (Posted on 2018-08-20)

Outback and Landmann BBQ Accessories

Genuine, quality barbecue accessories by top brands Outback and Landmann. Our range of BBQ accessories help you cook food to perfection and give the chef an impressive range of cooking options.


Browse through our range of covers, grills, griddles, rotisseries and warming racks with many other indispensable extras to make your barbecuing experience complete. Number 1 recommended accessory a meat thermometer would mean no guessing or burning.


Smoker boxes and special wood chips give a unique flavour to food. (Ensure smoking before you put on your food as once meat is sealed it will not take on the flavour). Good design and high quality materials give added durability. The right tool for the right job will make sure barbecuing is a real pleasure and give you the confidence to cook up a culinary storm outdoors.