There are two different dates which mark the end of summer and the beginning of autumn – astronomical or meteorological autumn. For some, today marks the day where fall begins meaning the days will be cooler and the nights will be darker as winter draws ever closer.

When it comes to autumn, there is a buzz around the vibrant colours of the leaves changing as they slowly begin to change before falling to the ground.  Now whilst this is a beautiful sight, clearing lawns, pathways and driveways can be a backbreaking and time consuming task which quite frankly no one enjoys.

When it comes to clearing up around the home and garden, the quickest and easiest option is to use a leaf blower or a leaf blower vacuum which will quickly gather unwanted leaves which if left can turn into a slippery mush or if dry, use your lawnmower to collect them within the collection bag. When left lying on lawns, leaves can block sun light, reduce water evaporation which can cause fungus, mold and lawns to slowly die which is not what you want to see when summer comes round.

The bestselling petrol leaf blower’s year on year at World of Power are the Makita BHX2501, Husqvarna 125BVX (or 125B for those just wanting a blower) and the Stihl BG86C-E models. These models have sold in the 100s year on year with excellent reviews being filtered back by our customers.

Most popular handheld leaf blowers from high quality brands Makita, Husqvarna and Stihl

For those not needing something with as much power and prefer the electric type over petrol, the Stihl SHE71 leaf blower Vacuum (or BGE71 for those just wanting just a blower) is a top choice should you have a power source close to the area requiring clearing.

There is also a large range of cordless leaf blowers which are ideal for those wanting a little more flexibility of use with low noise levels, 0 harmful emissions and power levels to rival that of their petrol counterparts. The Stihl BGA45 cordless leaf blower has been designed with an integral battery which is ideal for homeowners needing to clear smaller areas, and at only £85.38 is a steal! Whilst the Makita DUB361 twin 18v cordless leaf blower kit comes complete with 2 batteries and a charger – the batteries used can be interchanged between the whole 18v LXT range of garden machinery and power tools within the Makita range!

Makita DUB361 leaf blower kit including 2 x 5amp batteries and twin charger

Those who have larger areas to clear such as parks, schools or just very large areas should look to wards a backpack leaf blower or wheeled vacuum which are very popular with councils for their ease of use and high power to clear larger areas. Models boast high blowing power, maximum comfort for the user when needing to complete large areas for long periods of time. With the likes of Stihl, Husqvarna and Makita all offering excellent quality and value for money the range available from World of Power boasts all types of features including 4-stroke engines, electric start and much more.

For anyone not wishing to invest in a leaf blower / blower vacuum can use a good old fashioned rake to clear larger areas or those who already own a lawnmower which has the ability to collect can use their lawnmower to collect leaves which are residing on their lawn without any effort or expenditure on purchasing a new machine. When teamed with the Draper hand leaf collectors you can easily pick up leaves and garden debris without the need for machinery in a quick and easy fashion.

Our dedicated team of friendly professionals are at hand to offer advice on which model is right for your usage, simply call us on 01298 213 145 or email you specific needs and one of our team will come right back to you