BBQ Cooking Methods

Chicken/bacon on a BBQ

Now it’s most commonly thought of as a summer sunny day experience but we think it’s time to change this thought of many and get people BBQing all year round! Come wind, rain, snow or sun I’m out on my Weber BBQ or Smokey Mountain BBQ cooking up a storm for my family, in fact I use it more than the oven in my kitchen!


Chicken cooking on a wsm


With a Weber BBQ you can cook just about everything, anytime…and we mean EVERYTHING! Understanding the basic BBQ design and theory mans you can start to exploit all the possibilities. Knowing how to light a charcoal BBQ or which cooking method to use is very simple and once you master it you can join us in BBQing all year round!


The simple golden rule with a Weber BBQ? ALWAYS put the lid back on your BBQ.


Roast on BBQ Pork


This may seem a funny rule when barbecuing but the lid retains heat and turns the BBQ into an oven which not only holds juices but cooks food thoroughly. While a normal oven in your kitchen can dry out meat, the humidity in the air around the barbecue ensures you get the most delicious juicy meat when you barbecue underneath a lid and achieve the best results. Every time the lid is removed or left off you lose heat which can make grilling times longer and mean foods can be under cooked if grilling time is not extended.


Naturally you have to lift the lid occasionally and check to the food but try to refrain to keep looking, we know smells can leave you drooling and wanting foods cooked quicker but removing the lid will do just the opposite!


Weber Lid Hanger


When removing the lid from a charcoal kettle BBQ, you can hang this on the lid hanger on the side of the body – some barbecues include this as standard but if not you can purchase this additionally.


Direct Cooking Method (Grilling)

Ideal for chicken fillets, tiger prawns, burgers, steaks and small cuts requiring 20 minutes or less on the grill, this method can also provide high heat for searing smaller cuts of meat.


BBQ How to;
Charcoal Evenly distribute the charcoal briquettes across the entire charcoal grate and cover directly above the heat.
Gas Light the burner(s) and set to the desired heat and cook directly above the lit burner(s).
Q Light the burner(s) and set to the desired heat and cook directly above the lit burner(s).


BBQ Nachos


Indirect Cooking Method (Roast  / Bake)

Ideal for legs of lamb, chicken, rye bread, chocolate brownies, beef tenderloin, roast duck, roast pork and other large roasts. This method is like a fan assisted oven, cooking foods evenly and avoiding the risk of burnt food. Ideal for foods which require 20 minutes or longer on the grill.


BBQ How to;
Charcoal Place the charcoal briquettes on each side of the charcoal grate and place an aluminium drip tray in the middle to collect juices from the foods. Or use the WEBB charcoal holders which can be purchased individually to hold coals. Cook foods in the centre with the lid closed.
Gas Light the outer burners and cook foods in the centre with the lid closed.
Q For the Q3000 and Q3200 only light the outer burner, for the smaller models use low heat for an extended period and use a roast holder for the best results.


50/50 Cooking Method

Ideal for duck breasts, tenderloins, chicken thighs and breasts, nachos or when you need to BBQ several things at once. This method allows you to cook over the charcoal briquettes and also indirectly on the other side of the grill.


BBQ How to;
Charcoal Place all charcoal briquettes to one side of the charcoal grate and an aluminium drip tray on the other side to collect juices.
Gas Only light the burners on one side of the BBQ, if your BBQ is a 3 burner, only light 2.
Q First brown meat at a high temperature then reduce the temperature and cook indirectly.


50/50 cooking on a Weber BBQ


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