Be BBQ Safe This Summer

With camping and festival season in full swing with Britain’s summer music festivals lined up ready and school holidays in full flow, BBQ safety needs to be at the forefront of minds.

Whilst you may think it’s a good ideal to bring the warm BBQ into the tent to provide a little extra heat during the cold summer nights BUT this can be a DEADLY MISTAKE! There have been many reports of incidents involving BBQ’s in confined areas (tents) whilst people are sleeping which has caused sever CO poisoning and even death.


Taking a BBQ into a tent, caravan or any enclosed space whilst its cooling down after cooking can release unsafe levels of CO which can lead to CO poisoning – also known as the ‘silent killer’. The tell-tale signs of CO poisoning are headaches, nausea, breathlessness, dizziness, collapsing and loss of consciousness.

A BBQ must be left in a well ventilated area to burn properly and allowing it to cool completely, you should never take a smouldering or lit BBQ into a confined area even if you have finished cooking as it will still give off fumes – LEAVE IT OUTSIDE!! Ok so there is no need to go to the extreme of the above but be cautious when using any BBQ, stove or smoker this summer!

Safety Tips for BBQ’s whilst camping

• Familiarise yourself with the BBQ and instructions before use
• Ensure the BBQ is in working order and any hoses are attached correctly BEFORE you go.
• Don’t over tighten any joints and cause damage
• Always ensure you can see your lit BBQ, you should never fall asleep with a BBQ lit. Refer to your owner’s manual for more information on how to use your BBQ correctly.
• Ensure gas taps are turned off on gas BBQ’s and the regulator turned to the OFF position and REMOVED from the bottle.
• Leak test your BBQ annually – refer to your owner’s manual for more information.
• Leave the BBQ outside – if you are worried about it being stolen, use a chain and padlock to secure.
For more information, check out the gas safe register website which also has useful information about BBQ safety –