Makita One Battery Fits All System

Makita Battery

Powered by one unbelievable 18v battery which is compact and lightweight, The Makita 18v battery range is a fantastic addition to any domestic household or professional business.   This fantastic range has over 120 machines which can be powered using these batteries, from hedge trimmers and chainsaws to combi drills and jig saws, even a coffee machine and bike!     One Battery Fits All Instantly go from drilling holes or trimming the lawn to chopping firewood with the one battery fits all system. Simply slip the battery from one Makita tool and slide it into another Makita machine. The 3 powerful batteries  in the range all offer different run times and charge times.  To follow best practice, be sure that you have more than one battery, so you can keep one charged (or charging) whilst using the other.  Now you don’t have to stop when the battery runs low. […]


Makita Electric Chainsaws

Makita chainsaw

Homeowners and tradesmen alike have opted to use Makita chainsaws as they offer a combination of power, comprehensive safety features and largely maintenance free construction. These chainsaws are great for most tasks around the garden.     Manufactured in Germany by the Makita owned Saches Dolmar Company who developed the first petrol chainsaw back in 1927, today they continue to design and produce quality petrol, electric and cordless chainsaws. With over 88 years’ experience since this first chainsaw the knowledge of the Makita brand has grown and developed with the times making them one of the top 3 garden machinery manufacturers today.   Makita Chainsaw Features Every Makita chainsaw has been equipped with automatic chain lubrication and a chain brake which can be operated manually or activated by inertia, some electric chainsaws incorporates an additional micro-switch which simultaneous cuts the power to the motor making less room for accidents to […]


Top 3 Electric Leaf Blowers for Autumn

Stihl Leaf Blower

Choose from our range of multi-purpose products to help make light work of fallen leaves. With the flick of a switch, enjoy the multiple functions of blowing, mulching and vacuuming. Choose from a range of garden power tools by big name brands in a price to suit every pocket. Why not get rid of garden debris with a high-speed garden shredder? Shred branches, leaves and grass with an easy feed, large capacity shredder. Create a luscious lawn with a little help from World of Power. Clear your grass of moss, weeds and other debris with a lawn raking scarifier. For pitch perfect results, use a lawn roller on freshly laid turf and invest in any one of our lawnmowers to help make light work of maintaining your lawn. Here are our Top 3 Blowers; Stihl SHE71 Hand Held Blower Fitted with a high quality, high power 1100w electric 230v motor the Stihl SHE71 […]


Top 5 Chainsaws for Autumn


With energy prices rising, it pays to heat your home by the good old fashion method WOOD! Many of us have access to wood via one way or another and to help cut your wood to the required lengths to burn you need a chainsaw. So here are five top chainsaws to do the job, from the occasional user to the user who will use one a more regular basis and to suit most purse strings.   McCulloch CS360   Comes with a 2 stroke OxyPower 36cc engine the McCulloch CS360 chainsaw is an excellent value for money for an entry level chainsaw.   The Oxypower engine delivers lower emissions, reduced fuel consumption and the CCS air filter system needs replacing less often, saving you more money. Electronic ignition and manual primer carburettor provides guaranteed easy starting every time. The soft start recoil starting that reduces the resistance in the starter cord […]


Get Set for Autumn with a Leaf Blower

Husqvarna Leaf Blower

With the first official day of Autumn hitting us this week (a few weeks ago for those who missed it) the leaves will begin to fall. Making beautiful gardens look unkempt, making driveways and pathways slippy and clogging up drains, the debris blown from trees can be a real pain. A blower / blower vacuum can easily clear away unwanted debris with little effort. When purchasing your blower, have your user requirements in mind to ensure you purchase the right machine which you will be happy with for years to come. Handheld or Backpack? For those who will be using their machine for shorter periods of time and for smaller amounts of debris, a lightweight agile hand held leaf blower is recommended. One of our best sellers is the Husqvarna 125B leaf blower. For those looking to work on a larger area with more material to blow, a backpack leaf […]


Cobra Garden Machinery

Lawnmowers at World of Power - Buxton

You may wonder why a new brand is required when we already have so much choice of quality brands. Cobra brings something to our range which we believe will benefit customers, their quality machinery is ideal for homeowners and professionals alike. They also have some products which bring something new to World of Power including their spreaders, carts and trailers. This fantastic range of garden machinery is expertly designed right her in the UK to cater for the ever changing condition of the British gardens. This range comes second to none when it comes to quality, specification and features with an extensive range of lawnmowers, petrol handheld, electric handheld and garden care machinery. Consisting of over 100 products, Cobra are constantly developing and expanding to provide a range of products which customers can rely on to get tasks completed quickly with ease.   Cobra Garden’s philosophy it to remain true […]


Get Your Garden Ready for Spring

Pruning Shears

With spring just around the corner – we know it doesn’t feel like winter is going to end right now, but we promise spring will be here soon! Now is the best time to get your garden looking its best whilst the weather is keeping fine and temperatures are on the rise (slightly).   With autumn’ wetness giving us a reason not to venture out and the winter’s cold, wet and snowy days persuading us to stay inside with the fire lit. Even some us of here at World of Power have been neglecting our gardening duties – we do promise every year it will be different but hey another year another neglected garden.   Looking out the window at children’s toys strewn everywhere from the wind (and of course us not putting them away when we should!). Remnants of litter and fireworks can leave gardens dug up and unbelievably […]


Spring Clean with World of Power

WOP Pressure Washer

Now that the lawn has been dealt with – we hope you saw our last blog on getting the lawn ship shape for spring? We move onto the patio area – after all it’s nearly time for garden parties once again and you wouldn’t want people coming round to a dirty patio area would you.   With the remnants of children’s muddy footprints from the lawn and animal tracks from the winter period, the patio is looking worse for wear. The best (and quickest) way to clean this is using a pressure washer.     Pressure Washers   Not only do they come in handy for cleaning the patio area, walls, sheds but they also comes in handy for cleaning the car which is also looking like it’s been through a muddy field or two – after all the price of car washes can be saved with 5-10 minutes with […]


Choosing the Right Lawnmower

Brand Lawnmowers

Need help when choosing a lawnmower? Are you influenced by low cost? Remember that in the long run, going for a cheaper model, over one which suits your lawn, may cost you more.  Save money in the long term with a high quality lawnmower suited to your lawn which will help keep your lawn in shape year on year.   How Large Is The Lawn You Would Like To mow?   When purchasing your lawnmower, the first thing to consider is the size of the lawn. The larger the area, the greater the cutting width. Each lawnmower will have an average lawn size which is recommended by the manufacturer.   This size is quite and accurate guide at the size of lawn which it is most suited to do, this is sometimes ignored but one of the most important pieces of information when searching for the right lawnmower. After all […]


Stihl Dealer Visit 2015

Stihl and Viking

Irene’s initial thoughts from the trip; “throughout my visit the emphasis was on ‘quality’ which was very evident.”   Although due to Stihl being so forward with their technology we were unable to use the camera, so have no images of their plants to show (sorry!) But check out Mr Stihl’s first ever chainsaw!     Andreas Stihl made his first chainsaw in 1926, from there he grew his business to the worldwide empire it is today with manufacturing plants across the globe, with members of the Stihl family still playing active roles within the company today.  They have a research and development team who are constantly making improvements and bringing new products into their range to satisfy their diverse range of customers. Stihl are the only chainsaw manufacturer who makes their own chains. The production involves heating and re-heating the materials to make them very hard and durable – hence […]