Choosing Car Battery Chargers and Boosters

Best Car Battery Chargers

Benefits of Car Battery Chargers

Don’t risk the hassle and inconvenience of a flat battery.

Why wait around for help from Roadside Assistance or for a friend to jump start your car?

Get yourself prepared, buy a home car battery charger and you can have it standing by whenever you need it!

Before buying a home car battery charger, you should check that it has the appropriate voltage and is designed to work with the battery system in your vehicle – this information can be found using the manual for the vehicle or most batteries display their specifications using a sticker on the top. This will allow you to easily compare with those of any charger you consider.

Points To Consider

  • Do you want a charger just for emergency starts, or a device which will condition keep your battery in good condition?
  • Do you want a manual or automatic charger?

Whatever your needs, we have a good range of quality products to choose from. We have battery chargers that just do the basic charge and they are available at low prices. Our mid-range chargers have more power and features. The higher end chargers have more features and are suitable for garages and workshops

Our Recommended Battery Chargers:

DRAPER IBC1 6/12v Intelligent Battery Charger

DRAPER IBC1 6/12v Intelligent Battery Charger


Product Code: DRA38254

Designed with a 6/12v charge output this IBC1 charger has a 6amp charge current.

  • 6v / 12v Charge Output
  • 6amp Charge Current
  • 10-300Ah Nominal Capacity
  • Senses Battery Condition
  • Enters Float Mode when Battery is Charged

This intelligent car battery charger senses the condition of your battery and adjusts the charge parameters accordingly. This feature is controlled by a microprocessor.  So when the battery becomes fully charged, the charger enters float mode. This will protect the battery from being over-charged and damaged.

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SIP 03981 Chargestar Smart 18 Battery Charger

SIP 03981 Chargestar Smart 18 Battery Charger

  • 6v / 12v Charging Voltages
  • 40Ah-160Ah Rated Battery Capacity
  • Lightweight at 1kg
  • Domestic 230v (13amp) Supply
  • 12 Month Warranty

SIP Chargers are well known for their quality. The SIP 03981 Chargestar is designed with a three stage charge programme for WET, AGM and GEL batteries, this SIP battery charger and maintainer is ideal for use at home or your workplace.

Requiring a 230v (13amp) power supply you can run this charger at your home. Offering 6v & 12v charging voltages with fast / deep charge mode it also has over charge / short circuit protection to help keep batteries protected.

The charger has 2 charge rate settings, 2amp slow and 12amp max rated current output slow and fast.
Manufactured to be lightweight at 1kg and compact this charger can easily be carried or stored when you’re not using it.

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The higher-end machines are really for garages or workshops and are more durable and feature rich. Many come with trolleys for portability and have additional features such as multiple charge rate levels and overload indicators.

Draper BCS600T 230V Battery Charger/Starter with Trolley

Draper BCS600T 230V Battery Charger/Starter with Trolley


  • Thermal Overload Protection
  • Easy-to-read Ammeter
  • Polarity Inversion
  • Built on Trolley Wheels with Handle
  • Manufactured to CE Directives

The Draper BCS600T is ideal for garages and workshop use. Built to CE directives, the BCS600T comes with trolley wheels for easy movement around the workshop or yard. The starter/charger has thermal overload protection, an easy-to-read ammeter, polarity inversion and a transport handle.

Key features:

  • Charging output : 12/24V
  • Input-single phase : 230V AC
  • Charging current effective : 75A (RMS)
  • Charging current (average) : 50A (EN60335)
  • Cranking current effective : 500A (RMS)
  • Cranking current (average) : 330A (EN60335)
  • Power input : 1.7-7.5kW (max.)
  • Fuse : 1 x 100A
  • Dimensions : 450 x 320 x 700mm
  • Weight : 26kg

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If you’re in any doubt about the right sort of charger for your battery, Why not call our customer service team at World of Power? We are always happy to help.