Choosing the Correct Lawnmower

An investment in your garden, a lawnmower is one purchase which shouldn’t be taken lightly. As most lawns take up a large space of your home, its important that its looked after correctly so you can spend the summer days enjoying the outdoors. To take care of your lawn efficiently, you need to choose a quality lawnmower which suits the size and type of lawn you have.

Choosing the Right Lawnmower

At World of Power we are not all about pushy sales tactics, we care that our customers get the best machine for their money and needs. When choosing your, lawnmower take into account the size of the lawn you have to mow; for those with an extensive lawn are may benefit from a ride-on lawnmower, whilst smaller lawns will benefit from a lightweight electric model which can easily be stored. Cordless lawnmowers are ideal for those lacking a power source close to their lawn whilst petrol models tend to suit larger lawns and generally are more robust. For those with larger lawns, we do recommend a self propelled model to save you breaking out into a sweat and for those who prefer the striped finish a rear roller model. For those who want a beautiful lawn with NO work, the robotic lawnmower range is the one for you.

How to Store Your Lawnmower

Your lawnmower should be stored in a secure and weatherproof place to protect it from the rain and other elements. For those with limited space within a shed or garage should consider a more compact model which can be easily folded down for storage – the Stihl mono handle lawnmowers are ideal or take a look at models which can stand vertically. When storing for longer periods of time such as winter, you should run your  lawnmower dry of fuel as fuel can go ‘off’ during these months and cause issues when it comes to starting it again in the spring.

How to Clean Your Lawnmower

Once your lawn has been cut and you are ready to put it back into storage until next time, be sure to give it a clean. You should carefully check the blades and remove any left over grass clippings which rids your lawnmower of extra moisture which can cause rust to the blades or other parts of the engine if not cared for. This is done by unplugging your electric lawnmower from the power source or for petrol models disconnecting the spark plug or for cordless models removing the battery. For cordless lawnmowers you should also check and clean the connections and also the battery slot incase grass clippings have managed to get in.

Before Using Your Lawnmower

Before mowing your lawn, you should check the area for debris, toys and any other items which could cause damage to your lawnmower (we also recommend any dog muck is removed before mowing…not pretty!). Sticks and stones can bend or blunt blades which would lead to an uneven cut and the blade needing to be replaced.

Maintenance of Your Lawnmower

Grass blades should be sharpened or replaced regularly to keep grass healthy and looking tip top. Good quality unleaded fuel should be used within your petrol lawnmower and you should not use old ‘gone off’ fuel as this can cause problems.

Your lawnmower should be serviced yearly to ensure you get the best performance, do please remember in Spring time you will find your local dealer will be very busy so before putting away for storage in winter why not get that service in early to avoid delays when you want to get out cutting the lawn? The service being done before storage will not be any less effective than a service in Spring when you want to be using your lawnmower.

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