When it comes to purchasing a chainsaw there are many factors which need to be taken into consideration to ensure the right chainsaw is purchased for the task at hand. With many different manufacturers, makes and models on the market it can be a minefield when choosing the right model for your needs but our guide should help you understand the features and benefits to Stihl chainsaws.

Does size matter?

Consider what you need the chainsaw for, is the chainsaw going to be used for cutting firewood, pruning back trees or felling trees? The thing to remember with a chainsaw is the guide bar can cut almost twice it's length; a 30cm guide bar can a half metre diameter log. if you're using the chainsaw for just logging, a bar that is too long could be cumbersome and get in the way so a smaller bar would be welcomed. Ensuring you choose the right bar length for your chainsaw will ensure you choose the most efficient chainsaw for your needs.

Stihl chainsaw bar


The chainsaw obviously needs power - but not too much to control. The usual mindset when purchasing petrol garden machinery is the more power the better but this is not always the case. Consider the task the chainsaw is going to be used for, the right bar to power ratio is important to ensure the chainsaw is comfortable and easy to handle.

Stihl engine with M-Tronic management system

Safety Features

Check for safety features such as an inertia chain brake, side / quick chain tensioning and a chain catcher. These features aid in making the chainsaw safe and easy to use. The inertia chain brake is a very important feature of modern chainsaws, it acts as a hand guard and helps protect the user in event of kickback. The quick side chain tensioning feature allows the user to tension a chain quickly and effortlessly without the need for tools thanks to the thumb wheel. The chain catcher will prevent the chain being thrown backwards in the event a chain derails or breaks.

Stihl side chain tensioning & inertia chain brake

Comfortable to use

A saw that is comfortable to use is safer to use, finding a chainsaw that is well balanced with good power to weight ratio is optimal. You want a chainsaw that is light enough to handle with the power to do the job you require it to do so; more power can sometimes make the saw harder to handle. Being comfortable with a chainsaw can help you use the chainsaw more efficiently and safely.

Lightweight chainsaws can be easier to handle

Ease of use

Ease of use should be a big deciding factor when purchasing a chainsaw. Do you find the chainsaw easy to start or would a C-BE easy start chainsaw be a better option for yourself? When purchasing from World of Power you have the option to have the chainsaw arrive fully built after a pre-delivery inspection meaning the chainsaw will arrive with you ready to fill with petrol/oil mix and chain oil then begin cutting.

Stihl chainsaws offer optimised performance day in day out

Our Buxton showroom has a range of Stihl chainsaws in stock and available to take away from entry level beginner through to high end professional. If you are local to our showroom why not pop along and speak to our dedicated, friendly team who are on hand to offer professional advise. Our team have been trained both by Stihl themselves and also our in house technician who has over 20 years of experience, not only do they know the specification of the chainsaws they have also been out in the field and used them too! Our showroom is currently operating counter service only, from September 14th 2020 customers will be able to browse the showroom with social distancing.