Garden Tidy with Garden Shredders

With the weather beginning to turn more autumnal by the day, debris from trees and bushes will soon start to drop onto the garden / patio. Not only does this look the garden look untidy but does become a nuisance and be dangerous to though walking past / over. When it comes to Autumn we love nothing more than a good garden clear up, just because the weather is miserable doesn’t mean the garden needs to look sad for itself too!

A good garden shredder can save you money on skip hire or numerous trips to the council tip. They’re also great for reducing piles of everyday pruning into wood chips that can be used within your garden.

When clearing up garden material, you want a reliable and quick shredder that will help you whizz through the job, no one wants their time and effort to be taken up with constant blockages, or with their shredder struggling with certain materials making a lot of noise. By the nature of the machines you can recycle the chippings for mulching which is a great source of nutrients for your garden beds, as it breaks down into the soil delivering fresh nutrients, but it also has many other benefits including;

  • Moisture retention – all you need to do it cover the soil with around 2 inches of the wood mulch. This process helps slow down moisture evaporation keeping your soil moist, even during the hotter months.
  • Temperature control – When placing the thick layer of wood mulch it helps block the sun, and as a result helps to keep the soil nice and cool.
  • Weed suppression – Weeds are prevented from be able to grown in your flower beds as they have difficulties growing through the thick layers.

When choosing the correct shredder for you the first steps towards deciding would be whether you want electric or petrol. Besides the power supply, your requirements are also important factors, for example the volume of material, the condition of the shredding material (soft or hard) or the maximum branch thickness that is to be cut.

Petrol Shredders are the obvious choice for processing large quantities of shredding material without needing access to a plug socket. With their powerful petrol engines they can easily shred thicker branches without being confined to one place in the garden. Below are a few of our bestselling petrol shredders

Stihl GH370S

This shredder is powered by a Briggs and Stratton Engine. The branch size that is suitable for this machine is 45MM. The shredder features a cutting disc that has both chipping blades and mulching blades. On the outskirts of the cutting disc, the blades are designed to chip wood or brown material, whilst in the middle there are shredding style blades which look a little like a blender. This shredder comes with a wide chassis which allows the shredder to be easily transported around the garden, making this petrol shredder/chipper the ideal choice for large gardens/land.

Stihl GH460

The Stihl GH460 is also powered by a Briggs and Stratton engine. This powerful petrol shredder is for high working volume of thick branches of up to 60mm diameter and soft material. The GH460 model for safety simple turn the one click/one turn safety switch which will stop the engine on the garden shredder immediately with the on button and safety switch integrated directly in a single closure screw on the machine. This shredder has a twin chamber system. The twin chamber system has 2 individual deed opening for both harder material and soft mix green cutting making it suitable for a range of garden materials. Each of the chambers is equipped with special blades ideal for shredding each particular type of shredding material. The feed chute also features a soundproofed chute which will reduce the noise when in use. The shredder is built on 2 wheels with pneumatic tyres of maximum manoeuvrability and a wide chassis to increase the stability of the garden shredder.

Electric Shredders are quieter that the Petrol shredders. These are great machines if you have a power source within easy reach of the garden. The constant power delivery and more economical nature of electric motors offer a greener approach to shredding/chipping. We tend to find the price is more economical too so if you have a budget this could be the more suitable choice for you. Below are a few of our bestselling electric shredders.

Makita UD2500

Makita have an electric shredder with comfortable handle and easy to operate control panel. This shredder has automatic anti block system and forward/reverse switch. Also the Makita shredder is designed with a cut and crush system which minimised shredded waster volume so the 67 litre collection capacity is used to the maximum. The container has a visible fill level through cut-outs so that you can check to see how much room and more material you can work with. The shredder is built on large rubberized wheels to allow for easy transportation and handholds on both sides which aid transportation and also gives a firm hold whilst in use

Stihl GHE250

For those of you that want a shredder that will cope with both woody and softer green materials we would recommend the Stihl GHE250. This shredder will chip branches up to 30mm in diameter, but will also process greener materials with ease thanks to the mulching blade set at the centre of the cutting wheel. Like the petrol shredders the chute on this machine is soundproof. This shredder has an electromagnetic safety lock which prevents the shredder from starting automatically during maintenance operations or when the blade is being changed for user safety. As soon as the closure screws on the machine are unscrewed, the safety switch is tripped and the current flow is interrupted.

Our range of garden shredders are the answer to a tidy garden this Autumn!