Spring really is a wonderful time of year, the nights are getting lighter and the days are getting warmer. It won't be long before the grass is ready for it's first mow of the year!

If you didn't manage to winterize your lawn mower before putting it in the shed after last season, don't worry we have some handy hints and tips to get your lawnmower ready for Spring. We also have a range of service kits to keep your mower in excellent shape increasing the engine performance and reducing emissions.

Clean the Mower

Cleaning the deck on the mower is important, drain the mower of fuel and remove the spark plug and then pop the mower on its side. Clean the deck by brushing away any grass clippings, grime or dirt, we find an old brush works the best. For stubborn, dried on dirt you can use the hose pipe to soak then away. Some lawnmowers feature a connection for a hose pipe to clean underneath.

Having a clean deck is important as it allows the mower to cut to its best performance.

*TIP Always turn the mower with the air filter and carburetor side up to stop oil or fuel going into the air filter.

Checking the Blade

Next check the blade on your lawnmower, does it need a sharpening? Or is it beyond sharpening and needs replacing? A sharp mower blade will cut your grass in a clean and swift motion rather than tearing the grass and will reduce your mowing time.

New blades can be ordered and easily replaced. Alternatively you can sharpen the blade at home by removing the blade and clamping in a vice. Use a mill file to sharpen the blade, using light strokes in the same direction until the blade is "butter knife" sharp. Once you have sharpened, check the balance of the blade by hanging on a nail to see if it hangs horizontally. If it dips to the side, file a bit more off that side. An unbalanced blade can cause vibrations which can cause faults with the machine and making it more uncomfortable for the user.

Spark Plug

Next thing we can do is to check the spark plug. A worn spark plug will make it difficult to start the mower and will have poor fuel economy. If you have the means to test a spark plug using a multimeter you can see if it is still working, alternatively spark plugs are generally inexpensive to replace.

Fuel & Oil

Old fuel is NOT a lawnmowers friend, we recommend draining the old fuel from your machine and replacing with fresh fuel. Adding a fuel stabiliser can keep your fuel fresher for longer as fresh fuel can start to go off 6 weeks.

If it has been a while since your last mower service, your lawn mower might benefit from an oil change and filter clean, check the manufactures information on the correct oil to use in your lawnmower, most will use 10W-40 or SAE30.

Check Over

Once you have completed the above steps, a quick check around your lawn mower to check the cables are all intact and the wheels look in good condition and you are good to go!