Halloween Fun With Weber

Pumpkin Brownies for WOP

BBQ weather is over? I don’t think so! If you thought so well allow us here at World of Power to introduce you the Weber way of life! Cooking on BBQ doesn’t require you to be stood outside in jaw jittering weather in fact it means you can pop your item on your grill and slip back inside for a hot toddy whilst the weber does the job for you.


Webber’s revolutionary designs are catered for everyone’s needs from a simple burger to more complex BBQ style Christmas dinners. So why not join our American friends who just keep on grilling all year round, in fact a shocking 37% grill despite temperatures dipping below 0 degrees!


So why not get started now and set your focus on Halloween and host a spooky BBQ party with your friends, why not surprise your trick or treaters this year with a spooky treat rustled up on your Weber BBQ. A fun treat for the kids has to be some spider halloween cookies, not only are these fun to make with the kids but they will go down a treat with guests at the BBQ!


Spider Cookies for WOP


Or why not make use of pumpkins this time of year and make a roasted pumpkin soup or pumplin brownies? Now this never appealed to me before but with more and more recipies out there I thought I would give it ago and actually I was pleasantly supply.


Pumpkin Brownies for WOP


Wondering how you grill in the winter months? Not to worry we aim to arm you with all the fact and tips we can over the next few months to keep you BBQing all year round.


Weber have tested all their BBQ’s to ensure they are able to perform at superior levels in any weather conditions so you can keep your BBQ standing tall in your back garden to continue grilling all year round.


Check you have plenty of gas and charcoal to ensure you don’t run out mid cooking! Charcoal should be stored in a dry area and the gas hose should be checked for any cracks. When using a charcoal BBQ you could need extra charcoal as charcoal burns quicker in colder and windier weather so ensure you are stocked up for the winter season.


BBQ Charcoal


Whilst going outside wrap up in winter clothing and keep warm – tuck away any scarves or dangling material and use grilling gloves when handling the hot BBQ.


Keep the BBQ lid closed to ensure no heat escapes; this keeps the optimum temperature which allows food to be cooked correctly to recipe. Every time you open the lid, heat escapes meaning cooking times can take longer than anticipated. Keep the lid closed, set the timer and trust the Barbecue to do its thing.


Keep your barbecue covered during the cold months, not only does this protect your BBQ from the elements but also allows you to get grilling quicker during harsher weather such as snow. All you will need to do is remove the cover and you’re ready to get grilling (provided you cleaned your BBQ before you put the cover on previously). I would also recommend that you clear a path from your home to the BBQ if snow has fallen to ensure you do not fall whilst carrying to and from the BBQ.