Healthy Eating on the BBQ!

Roast on BBQ Pork

Now that Christmas is  over, many of us have definitely over indulged a little (or a lot in my case) this festive season. With the promises of a new year, new start Let’s kick the new year off with healthy food cooked on the BBQ. Simply prepare roasts in your kitchen and then place on the BBQ, replace the lid and leave!

Simply prepare roasts in your kitchen and then place on the BBQ, replace the lid and leave!


Some people believe that barbecued food tends to unhealthy.  That is completely false! Grilled meats are part of a healthy diet? It’s not all about sausages and burgers you know. You can cook whole joints on the barbecue.

Weber Smokey Mountain for Tasty Fish

Monkfish Kebabs

With a Weber Smokey Mountain you can cook Salmon served with salad and crusty toasted bread, a great alternative to your regular meats.

Or why not try Monkfish kebabs. Monkfish cubes interspersed with chunks of ripe mango with a little oil drizzled over plus the juice of a lime…..Delicious!

Roast Potatoes on the BBQ

Roast Potatoes on the BBQ
Potatoes are one of the easiest things to cook on the BBQ. Why not try sweet potato wedges, tossed with garlic and a drizzle of lime juice which can then be roasted on the barbecue using the indirect cooking method where either the outside burners are turned on or the charcoal is separated to each side of the cooking grill.

Barbecuing Chicken

If you have a rotisserie , you can BBQ Chicken or Pork, served with roasted veg or salad. The veg can be placed underneath the rotisserie meat to catch the juices from the roast which provides a tasty alternative to smothering them in butter.


BBQing Chicken

Don’t forget those side orders. From Corn on the cob, Potato salad, Courgette & Quinoa, stuffed Peppers, cheesy Leeks, braised Red Cabbage, crunchy Coleslaw, Thai carrot salad, the list is endless and with the versatility of your BBQ you can cook just about anything.

Yes,  we mean ANYTHING!

My favourites at this time of year have to be Coconut Curry with Cucumber / Lime relish, a Pita sandwich with grilled Beef and Lemon – tahini sauce, served with Cucumber and Red Onion.

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BBQ Nachos