Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw Features

Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw Features – World of Power.

If you’re considering buying a robust chainsaw, The Husqvarna 435 Petrol Chainsaw is considered to be a step above a homeowner chainsaw. This blog post will outline the many beneficial features of the saw to help you decide.

The chainsaw has a 40.99cc engine which provides 2.2HP of cutting power.

Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw Engine Specs

  • 40.99CC
  • X-Torq engine
  • 60% lower emissions
  • 20% fuel saving
  • 9000 rpm max

The 435 chainsaw comes as standard with a 15″bar and weighs 9.7lb / 4.4kg when fully assembled.

Lightweight Chain

The 435 runs a low kickback lighter chain than some saws in its class, often called a competition or a high-speed chain
.325 size, the smaller chain is designed for speed.

Choke Positions:

  • Press down and hold the choke lever then release to kill the engine
  • Pull out the choke lever and push up to puts the switch into full choke.
  • When choke is in full choke position if pushed down 1 level this is the start position until you press the throttle which will take you back to the idle position.

Chain Break:

Behind the chain is the chain break to provide some extra protection should get kick back, and should stop the chain instantly.

Husqvarna 435 Chain Break
Husqvarna 435 Chain Break

Near to the handle, you will find saw has a purge primer bulb which primes the carburettor before starting.

Fuel Primer
Fuel Primer

On the back of the saw, near to the handle and pull cord, there is a transparent plastic fuel indicator so you can keep an eye on your fuel levels.

Both the petrol and oil caps twist to the open and close position to re-fill or drain for storage.

Chainsaw Fuel Cap
Fuel Caps

The saws also have an automatic oiler which will automatically lubricate the chain.

On the side of the Chainsaw there is a chain tensioner to make adjusting your chain easier.

Chain Tension Control
Chain Tension Control

Husqvarna add isolation springs into their saws. These springs sit between the engine and the handle, reducing the amount of vibration transferred to the user. This comfort feature will be very important to the owner who is using their chainsaw regularly to reduce user fatigue.

Below is the quick snap air filter cover, when removed, you have easy access to the engine, spark plug and air filter. Now you can clean the air filter easily and keep your saw in top condition.

Air Filter Cover
Air Filter Cover

The saw has a felling line or cutting line on the body of the saw to help you line up your cuts accurately.

How To Start Your Husqvarna 435:

  • Check your fuel levels (using a 50:1 mix) with quality 2-stroke oil
  • Check your chain is tensioned
  • Check all the bolts are tight
  • Check that your chain break is on
  • Prime the chainsaw 3 or 4 times until full
  • Put the choke to the on position
  • Pull the pull cord approx 3 times until you hear the chainsaw make a slight “cough”
  • Put the choke back to the start position
  • Pull the pull cord until the chainsaw starts
  • Soon as the engine starts, put the chainsaw to the off position and let the chain spin for approx 10 seconds
  • You are now ready to cut! (When you press the throttle the choke will go to idle)

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