Husqvarna Automowers this Spring

Imagine if you could get a mower that can work around the clock to deliver a well-kept lawn regardless of the weather, size of garden, slopes and obstacles. A mower that you don’t have to be around to use and leaves you to enjoy your free time….

Well now you can with the Husqvarna auto mower range that has been released. This range has been developed since 1995 to give you the most proven, reliable and extensive range available.

Ok so let’s see what you get with the automower and how we do it

  • Install and forget

The Husqvarna automowers are equipped with technical solutions so are reliable and means that they are maintenance free and minimum service required

  • Beautiful Results

Three unbreakable and razor like cutting blades will make the cuts clean. With no clippings to rake or dispose of as these are shorted than with a conventional mower and most importantly no track marks.

  • Superior Slope Performance

The all-wheel drive mower makes easy work of most demanding lawns and can cover slopes up to an impressive 70% 35” incline without affecting the results.

  • Happy Neighbours

As the mowers are battery powered this means less noise and no harmful emissions therefore helping the planet and keeping your neighbours happy.

  • Connectivity

Husqvarna do a free app called “Automower Connect” this allows you adjust the settings and remotely control your mower.

So how do I know which model will be suitable for my garden, Husqvarna have a super website that has a link below that will help you choose the correct model. You don’t even need to know the size of your garden they can calculate this with your postcode.

How does it work?

Firstly you will need to purchase an installation kit these come in various sizes to suit your lawn. Ok so now you have this you will need to place the charging station in the centre of the area on flat ground and close to a power outlet. Once this is in place you will need to charge the mower this can take 80-100 minutes dependant on model so while this is charging you can carry on with the rest of the installation. We need to lay the boundary wire now and this is the wire that sits along the edges of the lawn to define the cutting area. This is pegged down and the mower will follow this so it knows where to cut. If you have any flowerbeds or bushes you will need to use this to create an island to stop the mower from bumping into this. You will have a guide wire also and this is leading the mower back to the charging station when needed. Connect one end of the wire to the station and then run the wire straight across the farthest part of your garden so the mower can easily find this and will be connected to the boundary wire. This is it you’re all done so now turn on your mower, insert your pin, adjust the cutting height and set the hours and they are all ready to go…

See we said it was easy…. although if you do get stuck a local Husqvarna dealer can install your Automower, please contact them for an installation quote.

Now we are going to take a look at some of the Automowers in the Husqvarna range.

These come in 4 series

100 Series

This range is designed for the domestic garden for example smaller flat lawns and still offers the excellent cutting results.

300 series

This range is ideal for mid-sized lawns that have some complexed areas and slopes. The 300 range also includes the weather time which will adjust the cutting frequency dependant on the grass growth.

There are 3 models the 310 covers up to 1000m2, 315 covers up to 1500m2 and 315X covers up to 1600m2

400 series

The 400 series offers low noise levels, highest cutting capacities and most advanced features. Perfect for small to large lawns that are uneven and complex. With a slope capacity of up to 70% and electric height adjustment.

There are 4 models the 420 covers up to 220m2, the 430X covers up to 3200m2, the 435X AWD covers up to 3500m2 (this model isn’t out until spring 2019) and all-wheel drive and the 450X covers up to 5000m2

500 series (commercial)

The 500 range is developed for commercial use for either a professional user or public enterprises.

 There are 3 models the 535 AWD (this is new to spring 2019) covers up to 3500m2, the 520 covers up to 2200m2 and the 550 covers up to 5000m2 – check back early March for more information on these models!

Husqvarna also do multiple accessories for your Automowers such as connector protection boxes, maintenance cleaning kits, endurance blades, replacement top covers for your mower, housing for the mower, a bag, wall hanger, led head light kit and much more.

All the range can be found here and information can also be found here