Makita Cordless Hedge Trimmer

When it comes to garden machinery, our experts are very passionate. Not only do we sell products, we also test and use them at home to ensure we can offer the best advice and product range to our customers. Many garden machinery dealers will be able to talk the talk but not many walk the walk at home.

At World of Power, we are all about excellent customer service so this weekend when our hedge was in dire need of a trim we took home a Makita cordless hedge trimmer to put it to the test. Having let my 3 boarder hedges grow out over the past few months to gain height, the Makita cordless hedge trimmer had its work cut out.

After charging the battery earlier in the day, we were soon ready to get to work. Taking the battery and slotting it into place was very simple (much easier than having to mix messy fuels!) then removing the blade cover and spraying with a multi spray to protect the blades, slipping on some gloves for protection and we were all set to get cutting.

The First Impressions…

  • The hedge trimmer was very lightweight and well balanced, much lighter than a petrol counterpart and much easier to handle.
  • With no fuels to mix the set up was much simpler and quicker.
  • The noise levels were surprisingly low, so much so that ear defenders are not required. No more disturbing the household or neighbours.
Another hedge in need of a trim!
Another hedge in need of a trim!

Trimming the Hedge

Many are dubious about the power levels of a cordless garden tool but this Makita cordless hedge trimmer took no prisoners, we would even say this hedge trimmer had the power of a petrol counterpart we usually use to tackle the hedge. Only with this battery powered model there was low noise and 0 harmful emissions.

The hedge trimmer glided across the hedge with no problem what so ever meaning the hedge was cut in no time and I was moving onto the next. The battery lasted much better than expected; I trimmed all 3 hedges on a single charge using the Makita BL1850 5.0Ah lithium ion battery.

Makita Cordless Hedge Trimmer in Action
Makita Cordless Hedge Trimmer in Action


As we have many other cordless Makita power tool and garden tools within our garage from the one battery fits all range, this Makita cordless hedge trimmer is the perfect addition to the range. Replacing the old petrol model previously used, it’s safe to say our experts will happily recommend this hedge trimmer!

The After Shot, we Highly Recommend the Makita Hedge Trimmer
The After Shot!

What Else Can I Use The Battery For?

Makita currently have a wide range of tools in the gardening range that you can use with a single 18v battery, if you have 2 batteries then you have the 36v twin battery range to go at too.  Not only that there are a fantastic number of power tools from drills to grinders circular saws and anything else that you can think of that once you have a battery and charger your options for them are seemingly endless.