The same fantastic product in a new packaging design, the ProQ Cocoshell briquettes are back in stock ready for immediate dispatch. The new 4cm cubed briquettes are now even longer burning!

Sustainable and CO2 neutral, these ProQ briquettes are 100% a natural product with a negative carbon footprint - no trees are cut down to make them! Up-cycled from coconut shells, a by-product of the coconut industry this product does not encourage the felling of trees or deforestation.

Designed to give off very low odours and smoke, these briquettes offer that great tasting authentic BBQ flavour with delicious results. The square design allows you to easily stack and light the briquettes, perfect for the minion method or even easier with the ProQ stainless steel chimney starter which will quickly light the briquettes without the need for harmful lighter fluids.

The ideal winter charcoal for any charcoal BBQ or smoker, this unique product is designed to burn 2-3 times longer than ordinary wood charcoal making it more economical to use for longer cooking sessions meaning you will need to spend less time replenishing the charcoal on those long winter smokes. Compatible with all charcoal BBQ's including kettles, smokers and ceramic grills as they are filler free so have a very low ash content.

Used by professionals, serial BBQ'ers and those entering the BBQ or smoker World, the Pro Q Cocoshell briquettes outperform all other charcoals on the market currently. Here at World of Power, these briquettes are the number 1 choice for our charcoal BBQ owning staff.

ProQ Cocoshell Briquettes