New to the Stihl range for 2021 are the Service Kits where you will find all the necessary genuine Stihl parts required for regular maintenance of your Stihl machine. The serviceable parts can very easily and conveniently be replaced at home by either professional or domestic users. These kits allow you to maintain/service your machine yourself and currently there are over 23 kits available in the UK covering a wide range of models including chainsaws, hedge trimmers, combi engines, grass trimmers, leaf blowers and more.

Service Kits Suitable For Use With the Following Machines

MS170 - MS881
HT56 - HT133
HS45 - HS87
BG56 - BG86
BR350 - BR800
TS410 - TS800
KM56 - KM131

Why Service a Stihl Machine?

Regular maintenance of your Stihl machine including replacing the air filter, fuel filter and the spark plug can increase the reliability and lifetime of your machine by contributing to preventing components and parts from dirt and damage and to ensure your machine always operates with optimum performance.

It is recommended a spark plug is changed as it is essential for a clean combustion in the engine which helps to maintain performance.

Stihl Spark Plug

It is recommended an air filter is changed as a dirty filter can reduce engine performance, increase fuel consumption, and make starting the machine more difficult. The air filter when regularly maintained with ensure long operating times for your machine and protect against fine abrasive dust from entering the machine.

Stihl Air Filter

It is recommended a fuel filter is changed as it helps keep fuel free of external particles before it enters the engine to ensure longevity and reliable performance of the engine. Should the fuel filter allow these particles to get through, it can cause irreversible damage to the engine which can cause very expensive repairs!

Stihl Fuel Filter

When to Service A Stihl Tool

As always, maintenance times and other necessary tasks are listed within the owners manual supplied when purchasing the chainsaw from a genuine Stihl dealer, should you have miss placed your manual simply email and we can send you a link to a manual available online.

If your Stihl tool will not start or it is not running as expected the first step of the troubleshooting would be to check the fuel, fuel filter, spark plug and air filter as fuel, air and spark are the key components for combustion.

Tools Required For Service

Included with most new Stihl machines is an easy-to-use combination wrench, we recommend you use this item to assist in servicing your machine. A cardboard hook is also integrated within the packaging of the Service Kit which allows you to remove and replace the fuel filter with ease, this hook is designed to pull out the filter and hose from the fuel tank which you will find very handy as it can be tight squeeze to get your fingers into the fuel filter neck! No other additional tools should be required.

Integrated Hook for Changing Fuel Filter

How-To Videos

On the back of the packaging Stihl have included a QR code which can be scanned by a camera on any smart device which will take you through to multilingual How-To videos made by Stihl to ensure the easy fitting of parts by the end user at home.

How-To Videos

For those who need any assistance, the World of Power team are on hand 6 days a week. And of course if you would prefer the parts to be fitted by a Stihl trained technician, we can also accommodate this simply bring your machine and service kit along to our Buxton showroom and we will be more than happy to arrange this for you.