Small garden? No problem, STIHL have the perfect lightweight machinery just for you. A hassle free way to keep your garden looking its very best!

The AI Line is part of STIHL'S cordless power range, built with an internal battery for ease of use and easy handling. As the battery is integrated there is no need for removal of batteries for charging, you simply plug the charger into the machine – much like you charge your mobile phone!

There are 3 handy products in this range which I like to refer to as the 3 Musketeers in basic garden essentials, got an unruly hedge? No bother, the HSA45 hedge trimmer is ready for the job. Wild weeds? Don’t worry the FSA45 grass strimmer has got you covered. Oh but now you’ve got hedge and grass trimmings all over your garden, but fear not the BGA45 blower completes this thrilling trio allowing for a quick and easy clean-up of the trimmings into one neat and tidy pile.

Keeping with my 3 Musketeers analogy these products really are all for one and one for all! Ideally suited for the domestic user with a smaller garden, these small but mighty machines are perfect for keeping your lawns, hedges and household surroundings in tip-top condition.

Stihl HSA 45 Hedge Trimmer

Let’s start off with the trusty HSA45, this hedge trimmer comes with a 20” / 50cm single sided cutter blade making it ideal for smaller gardening jobs with its 24mm tooth spacing which is ideal for tasks such as trimming annual growth up to 8mm thick branches. This really does offer a great cutting performance from such a small robust machine! The integrated battery gives your hedge trimmer a generous up to 40 minutes run time (trigger time)! The battery LED charge light can be seen at all times; making it easier for you to keep an eye on your machine’s battery life so you can easily see when you need to re-charge.

The next product in this AI line of machines is the FSA45 cordless grass trimmer. This compact machine is perfect for trimming lawn edges up to 250m or lawns up to 50m² on a single charge…now that’s impressive! The handy loop handle can also be adjusted to suit the user for a more comfortable working position without the need for any tools. Weighing at only 2.3kg this light weight machine is perfect for getting the job done quickly and efficiently without causing any fatigue.

Stihl FSA 45 Grass Trimmer

You can also adjust the units mowing working angle- this is useful for vertical edge trimming. With its easy to change cutting head, you can easily switch between Polycut plastic blades to mowing lines ranging from 1.4mm-1.6mm without having to change the whole mowing head, it really is that simple! This little strimmer is perfect for the smaller garden and for keeping those perimeter edges nice and defined with a run time of up to 20 minutes (trigger time).

The final product in this fabulous little trio is the BGA45 cordless leaf blower. It is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre with a blowing force of 5N.  This noise-sensitive cordless blower is small but mighty with the ability to clear an area of up to 200m² of dry leaves on a single charge with a 10 minute trigger run time, what more could you ask for!

Stihl BGA 45 Leaf Blower

Perfect for clearing small outdoor areas at home, it comes supplied with a round nozzle which creates more ground impact, ideal for grassy areas.

What makes this range so admirable is that they are ideal for those of you that have smaller low maintenance gardens that you still want to look their best. Whether that be grassy edged patios, small perimeter hedges or lawns, these easy to operate power tools are well equipped to deal with all your gardening needs. Just simply connect the charging cable to your wall socket and plug your machine in charge, the LED battery indicator will then show you when your machine is ready to go!

This range is my go to range at home, personally I love these products!

Stihl AI Line

Integrated battery products really suits my gardening needs and I don’t have an overly large garden but the lawn is fairly long and stretches the full length of our garden and we have an unruly bush that needs tending too regularly.  The HSA45 is great in keeping our little bush in perfect shape, easy to use without any pesky wires whilst the FSA45 helps keep our path and fence edges nice and defined.

They are good value for money and come with a 2 year domestic warranty for peace of mind.

The Garden Ninja has an online blog wherein they review the STIHL FSA45 grass trimmer with their personal opinion on the use which is a really good read for those who are still a little unsure.

Shop the full AI line range of STIHL cordless machinery online now. Alternatively if you are looking for something suited to larger homes / gardens check out the STIHL AK system for domestic users or STIHL AP system for professional users.