We’re sure you are already familiar with Makita’s popular 18V cordless range by now, with their wide variety of LXT power tools and garden machinery products Makita are currently dominating the cordless market! This one battery fits all system is a fantastic addition to any professional or domestic household. With the ease of being able to switch from cutting your hedge or mowing your lawn to drilling a hole in your bathroom wall all by simply swapping the same battery into a different machine, making your gardening and DIY needs less demanding.

Makita understand the demand for power, so even with their twin 18v range they know customers are always wanting even more power from their machines as well as longer run times.

So let us introduce you to the XGT 40V MAX Power range!

This new 40v system is designed to be 40% more effective compared to their 18v LXT range, giving the user twice as much power. The XGT range is not replacing its predecessor, in fact they are intended to complement and work alongside one another, so that you have all you need from your cordless powered machinery.

Why is cordless becoming so popular you ask? Well, there is the convenience of losing the power cables and cords and eliminating any potential trip hazards. The Lithium-ion batteries and brushless motors now offer better torque and faster speeds whilst also keeping the tools light and compact without losing efficiency and providing longer run times on a single battery charge. What more could you ask for?!

With a brand-new platform Makita aim to give you that extra power you’ve been looking for, with the XGT batteries being more compact than the 18v system. They also come with a built-in program, which provides digital communication between the tool and battery. So, this range is ideal for users who want optimum performance, lower weight and more compactness from their tools.

What makes this XGT series different from all the other 18v cordless products on the market?

Well, the new Makita XGT batteries have been built to be highly durable as Makita realise many of their customers are in construction, industry and horticulture so require the highest demands from their tools and machinery. Including a waterproof triple layer structure and shock resistance heavy-duty outer casing, they are constructed to be resistant to water and dust allowing for the batteries and tools to be used under the harshest of conditions. 

This range includes 2.5ah and 4.0 batteries, which include 4 LED fuel gauge indicator making it easier to see when charging is required. The fast-charging system means that the 2.5ah battery will be fully charged in 28 minutes and the 4.0 battery takes only 45 minutes!

It should be noted that the XGT 40V Max Power batteries are not compatible with the LXT range of tools and machinery, this is a stand-alone range. However, you can charge LXT batteries on the XGT Fast Charger with an adapter so if you own tools from both ranges this limits the use down to one charger for ease and convenience.

Makita don’t believe in producing larger Amp batteries, as this then creates the issue of the batteries becoming too large and heavy, which in turn makes them more expensive to the end user and increases charging times. The brushless motors also ensure costs are kept to a minimum due to no moving parts generating heat/friction and no loss of energy ensuring for longer run times and lower maintenance costs due to reduced wear and tear.

 The range was released back in July 2020 and is continuing to grow. The current range details of 40V Max and 80V Max XGT products, including handheld power tools and gardening equipment.

When it comes to working outdoors in our unpredictable British weather, professional and domestic users need a variety of power and reliable machinery. With this series of products Makita have got you covered with both power and performance to make your outdoor projects easier and quicker to achieve.

To give you and idea of what is currently in the XGT range, here at World of Power we have just had a fantastic display merchandised by Makita themselves, show casing range of products available for you to get your hands on, this is the only display in the High Peak! If you are local why no take a trip to our Showroom and take a look for yourself.

If you’re in the construction industry then you will be impressed with our 40V Max range of handheld power tools including the HP001GZ Combi Drill, HS004GZ Circular Saw or the GA005GZ Angle Grinder all available as Naked Units or Kits!

It’s also that time of year, leaves are falling in an array of pretty colours so be ready to be blown away by the UB001G 40V Max Cordless Leaf blower, this powerful unit is available on its own or as a kit, making light work of clearing those pesky Autumn leaves.

What’s more impressive than the UX01GZ Split-shaft motor unit using the new 40V batteries? Well, it is also compatible with all Makita’s combi attachments, so when you are ready to upgrade from your DUX60 or move over from the Petrol EX2650LH rest assured all your current attachments will be compatible with this motor unit, again keeping costs down and ensuring longevity out of your tools.

We all know that value for money is what is important for most of us, that’s why Makita also offer tempting redemption schemes when you purchase qualifying machines. You can get the product completely free of charge and sent straight to your front door.

Makita’s current redemption running from 1st October 2021 – 31st December 2021 is a FREE MR002GZ001- Bluetooth Radio when you buy any qualifying XGT product! *

Not only that, but you can also extend your domestic guarantee by 2 additional years when registering your product online with Makita within 30 days of purchase meaning you have a total of 3 years peace of mind! *

*Please refer to the manufacturer’s website for full Terms & Conditions.

So if you want more power and reliability then the XGT 40V MAX Range really is for you!