Top 10 Products for Summer

Whatever you’re doing this summer, either spending time in the garden, camping in green fields, laying on the beach or living your festival life…..we’ve found the Top Ten products to help make your summer one to remember.

1.Stihl Hammock

Lazing out in the garden on a blissfully sunny day must be one of our favourite things to do, with Indoor / Outdoor living becoming such a popular thing to do in the UK. Offering both comfort and style, this Stihl Hammock is the perfect place to hang out this summer.

2. Travel Bag

Whether you’re off for a walk in the countryside, or picnic-ing at the beach, this stylish bag from Husqvarna has you covered. With a large 30 litre compartment which features a roll top seal to keep any rain out, cos let’s face it….it’s England and if there is one thing it’s good at it’s raining!

3. Balance Bike

Not only will it provide your little ones with hours of fun in the summer sun, but the balance bike helps in developing your child’s gross motor skills, balance and coordination.

4. Travel Flask

There is nothing quite like a summer picnic, simple, cost effective and the children love it! Now you can pack up a warm coffee for day out, or did you know that you can use the flask to keep a cool drink cold, perfect for hot days. Simply fill with cold water before you put your wine liquids in that you want to keep cold.

5. Portable BBQ

If there is one thing us Brits know about, it’s BBQ-ing in the summer! When the sun is shinning it’s time to get out the sausages, slice up the halloumi and crack open a bottle. This stylish and fun portable charcoal BBQ is ideal for weekends away or picnics at the beach with friends.

6. Caps

Probably one of the best accessories in summer is the good old faithful cap! Fashion it your way to suit you, caps are stylish yet practical, protecting your face from UV rays.

7. Fire Pit

When you’re just not ready to give up the day to the night, carry on the party with the comfort and warmth of a fire pit. Giving off a gorgeous glow that adds an ambience to the evening, the fire pit put will keep you warm and toasty.

8. Beach Towel

Large and colourful, the beach towel is the perfect accessory while laying out this summer.

9. Pizza Oven

The ultimate in al-fresco cooking, wow your guests with beautiful home cooked pizzas in the comfort of your own garden. Promising light and airy bases with melt in your mouth toppings, you don’t need to be Jamie Oliver to provide glorious pizzas with an authentic taste.

10. Umbrella

Because no English summer is complete without an unwanted down pour. Sorry we hate to rain on your parade (get it!) but it happens so be prepared with this large umbrella.