Top Tips for Storing your Lawnmower this Winter

After the lovely hot spell the UK basked in over the summer, the last thing that we want to be concerning ourselves with is the final grass cut of the season and putting the lawn mower to bed for the year. This however will be upon us before we know it so please take a moment to read our no-hassle guide and top tips for storing your lawn mower this winter; whether it be petrol, electric or even the cordless models.

The last cut…

The last regular cut of the season will usually be in the colder months of Mo-vember! At this time of the year the temperature will fall and the growth of the grass will slow down. You will need to bear in mind to never cut grass with frost on. If it sounds crunchy underfoot you should not be mowing as it will damage the grass. Grass will begin to start growing at 5°C so once the warmer weather returns towards the end of March this will be the perfect time to start mowing and maintaining your lawn again.

Storing for winter

When the time comes for you to put your lawn mower into hibernation for the winter we advise taking the time to check the mower before doing this. Make sure it has had a good brush down and some oil on the blades to keep it in tip top condition for Spring. Make sure no grass cuttings are stuck in the blades as this can caused damage if left for long periods of time and moisture from the grass can rust the blades! This would also be a great time to bring your lawn mower in to be serviced – as when it comes to spring we can get rather busy and of course we know people want their machines quickly in season. Our highly trained technician will be happy to offer advice.


If it is a petrol lawn mower it is never advisable to store it away with the fuel still left inside. The mower may not start up with stale/old fuel. You can however top up the oil level with good quality oil. The lawn mower should be stored on a level ground. You should never lean a lawn mower or attempt to hang it, the oil within the machine could leak and flood parts of the engine.


If you have a cordless, battery powered lawnmower the battery will need to be removed before storing for the winter. Cold or freezing weather can cause irreversible damage to the battery components and acid within. This will need storing safely in a warm and dry place once fully charged.


If you have an electric lawn mower care will need to be taken with the cables. When storing make sure the cables are not wound too tightly as this can cause added strain leading to it fraying and therefore breaking the cable.

A place to store

Finally make sure that whatever mower you have whether it is petrol, electric or cordless is stored in a dry location without leaks. There is a chance rust may occur if this is not stored properly. As an added precaution you can place a cover or blanket over the mower to stop dust and dirt getting in or on the machine.