Pre Delivery Inspection

Pre-delivery inspection or PDI is the term given by manufacturers for the process performed by their dealers to ensure that a product is delivered in full and correct working order. Any minor faults or adjustments should carried out by factory trained technicians.

The best example of this would be your car, we all see new cars loaded on to transporters with white covers all over the bodywork and trim missing. Every car as to go through the dealers PDI workshops before you can take delivery of it.

What Does PDI Have To Do With Garden Machinery?

Quality garden machinery manufacturers maintain a dealer network to provide the exact same service. This ensures that their products reach you in the best possible working condition.

The best example of such a product is a chainsaw, especially a petrol chainsaw. Chainsaws are not manufactured in the UK, so all chainsaws enter the UK in shipping containers. The name of the game in shipping is getting as many products into a container that you can, because of this products are broken down so they will fit in the smallest box possible so that more products can be squeezed in the container, reducing the shipping cost and ultimately the cost of the product.

Most chainsaws arrive at the dealership in a box, with the bar and chain detached. The exception to this are the cheaper saws at the bottom end of the market. They are designed to be sold through the mass sales channels where PDI and after sales technical service is not available.

You might think, 'this is a good idea, why buy a top brand saw from a dealer and then need to have it PDI’d?' However, very often the chainsaw is not set up properly. You can still experience issues that the retailers can't fix. They can only replace the saw, which is ok unless that saw has the same issue?

This can be extremely frustrating, inconvenient and ultimately unsafe.

So, before you take delivery of your nice new chainsaw, it needs to go through a workshop process where a factory trained technician will assemble the saw, check for any manufacturing defects, add oil and fuel so the machine can be started, tested and tuned before being disassembled, liquids drained and re-boxed for delivery.

Do All Garden Machinery Dealers PDI Quality Products?

Unfortunately, they don’t! The garden machinery market is very competitive and many dealers selling products on-line are willing to take the risk of not PDIing products to save on costs. This exposes you to a product that could be unsafe if not set up correctly and quite often, not in working order.

And it gets worse, very often the dealer supplied such a product without a PDI will not be interested in providing after sales service and customer care should you need it.

Why Buy Garden Machinery From World of Power?

When you buy a product from World of Power you are buying into almost 4 decades of garden machinery experience and expertise. First and foremost, World of Power are a premium specialist dealer with quality customer service at the heart of everything that we do.

Our sales ethos is that we sell you the best product for your application, We don't just sell products as fast as we can without feeling sure that it's safe and tested. We apply quality retail customer service to our on-line experience and take pride and ownership in the products we provide.

World of Power are very competitive on price and when matched with our customer experience we offer possibly the best value in the UK. We do not claim to always be the least expensive but you can be assured that your product will arrive in the best possible condition, fully tested where necessary and ready to go. And if something does go wrong, which it can, with the delivery or the product we are here to take ownership of your issue until you are satisfied.

Standard Service

We receive the chainsaw from the manufacturer in a disassembled state. The saw has to be assembled correctly, inspected for defects and then fuelled up, tested and tuned.

The key points are ensuring the bar and chain are fitted and tensioned correctly, tuning of the carburettor for the UK market, ensuring the chain lubrication is working correctly and most importantly testing that the safety mechanisms work correctly.Chainsaw PDI

Once we are satisfied that all points are correct, we drain the saw of fluids and remove the bar and chain and re-pack the saw in its original packaging along with our extra user instructions to help you get to grips with your new saw.

Premium Service - £4.99

We now offer you a Premium Service, image on the left above, which in addition to the above Standard Service we will:-

  • Leave the bar and chain fitted to your saw, correctly set up and adjusted ready to go out of the box, and re-package it in an outer box for added protection and safety.
  • Include our own easy to follow user instructions.
  • Register your saw with the manufacturer so that your saw will qualify for any extended warranties that may apply.

If this is the first time you will have used a petrol chainsaw then we strongly recommend that you select the Premium Service for your added peace of mind, convenience and safety.

Chainsaw Boxes