What would you say to having your grass cut little and often, meaning your grass looks well maintained and healthier without actually having to drag the lawnmower out of the shed?

I’d say, “Yes please!!”

If you are like me then a look at look at our extensive range of Automower’s® by the world leaders in Robotic Mowers, Husqvarna.

They are an excellent way to ‘WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER’! The overall idea is that your grass will be kept nice and short whilst looking the healthiest it’s ever been!

Automower Concept

Automower® Features

The main features of the Husqvarna Automower® include maintaining your lawn with very minimum effort, unattended mowing at its finest (allowing you more free time to do what you like with your weekends!), they perform well in all weather conditions (with the except snow but who does function well in snow!?) and by letting your trusty Automower® mow more frequently on shorter grass, this makes them extremely efficient and leaves a luscious green lawn.

These clever robotic mowers have a great sense of direction; they use a boundary wire which is installed via World of Power as your professional Automower® installer or using the self-installation kits available. Your Automower® will never wander outside of its set perimeter as the mowers charging station sends a signal around the boundary wire to ensure this mows within the dedicated area. The wires are very discreet and can either be pegged to the lawn or buried just under the surface.

If your Automower® bumps into anything on its travels such as a tree or wall, it is clever enough to reverse, turn and will continue on a different route without causing damage to the object or itself.  For safety, if you were to pick up the Automower® whilst it is moving, the blades will stop immediately - a very reassuring safety feature I’m sure you will agree.

You don’t need to set a programme for your mower, the mower will cover all areas of your lawn, no matter how complex, all your grass will get cut, creating a smooth carpet like surface, SMART LAWN CARE! You will only need to set the amount of time you want the Automower® to come out and cut the lawn.

Automower® knows when it’s time to recharge its battery, it will simply guide itself back home to its charging station using the guide and boundary wires to pick up their home signal. The Automower® can recharge in 60 mins (approx.) and will mow day in, day out.

Sit back and relax whilst the Automower does the hard work!

How to Choose the Right Automower®

It is important to find an Automower® that best suits your needs, with this in mind there are some things you should consider when looking;

  1. Size of your lawn
  2. Desired working hours
  3. Complexity of your lawn

You can use the handy table below to establish which Automower®  would suit your lawn size and cut requirements;

Automower Maximum Coverage area

For further information you can use the Lawn Calculator here.

Husqvarna have designed a range of Automowers® which can be used for domestic OR commercial use (model dependent). The 100 series Automowers are designed for domestic use on smaller flat lawns. The 300 series Robotic mowers are ideal for smaller to medium sized lawns with some complexity and slopes with additional features including a weather timer which adjusts the mowing frequency to match the grass growth rate. The 400 series Automowers® offer the highest cutting capabilities with the most advanced features teamed with the lowest noise levels amongst the range, designed for small to large uneven, very complex lawns. The 500 series is specifically designed for commercial applications offering most efficient and sustainable way to maintain areas of green space and are ideal for professionals or private / public areas of lawn.

Husqvarna 405X Automower

Automower® for Domestic Use

The AM305 Automower is a prime example of the cutting edge technology Husqvarna have produced within their Automower® range. Designed to handle lawns up to 600m² this Automower is capable of handling lawns with some complexity and slopes making it ideal for replacing a smaller pedestrian lawnmower. Compatible with the Automower® Connect concept which allows you to control your Automower® via your mobile phone by installing an app onto your Android or iPhone meaning you can set your robotic mower off mowing from anywhere! This model also features an anti-theft alarm, frost sensor and lift/tilt sensors which will stop the blades from turning if its lifted or tilted off the ground for additional safety. It can handle slopes up to 40% and passages also.

The Husqvarna Automower® 405X is designed for lawns up to 600m² with capability of handing more complex or sloped areas, it can also be used to cover multiple areas (boundary wire will need to be installed between areas). This Automower is compatible with the Automower® Connect Concept much like the AM305 model. Feature rich, this AM 405X also features an anti-theft alarm with GPS tracking, lift / tilt sensors, frost sensory, electric height adjustment and LED headlights.  The 405X was awarded the Evening Standard’s Best Top Pick 2021 with it being quoted as “the Lamborghini of the lawnmowing world”

Evening Standard Review

Automower® For Commercial Use

This 500 series of Automowers® are ideal for grounds maintenance (councils), sports facilities including football pitches, commercial properties, holiday parks, noise sensitive areas and those who need their lawn cut at nights. This range includes the 520, 550 and 535x models which are distinguished with their orange colour whilst all other series are grey or black as standard.

Automower and the city of Edinburgh

This series of Automower® boasts the Husqvarna Fleet Services which allows the robotic mower to be managed remotely with ease whilst feeding back vital information about the cut. Making it ideal for a wide range of uses, this range has the Automower® EPOS system which allows for mowing without physical boundaries as  the physical boundary wire for the domestic series is replaced by a virtual boundary! A virtual loop signal map is created when the machine is installed (up to 3 virtual guides can be installed) allowing for trouble free maintenance.

Husqvarna Fleet Services

Automower® Reviews

"When I first saw the Automower® 450X, next to the size of the ride-on, I doubted Husqvarna's claims of its capability - I couldn't have been proven more wrong. Thanks to the Automower® I've saved countless hours and the lawn has always been immaculately maintained. It's quiet, requires minimal maintenance (just swapping the blades now and then), and uses next to no power. I'm very impressed overall and wouldn't want to go back to not having the Automower®. I recognise they are quite expensive, particularly the larger models, but have a far lower operating cost than the normal mower. But, they also give you what money can't buy - time." 
— Ross, Inverness

"The Automower® is a busy family's best friend. It's been so much help to us it's become part of our family. There is no way we could be without it now, the time it saves us is amazing and it's given us the most perfect preened lawn."
— Gail, Aberdeenshire

UPGRADE YOUR EVERYDAY and choose Husqvarna for robotic lawn mowing perfection!  Husqvarna have 25 years of innovation, testing and refinement, perfecting their extensive, reliable and proven Automower®.

Husqvarna club solution

Automower® Warranty

Backed by a 3 year Domestic warranty when the Automower® is installed professionally via an authorised Husqvarna dealer and serviced annually, if the Automower® is self installed or not annually services the warranty is 2 years.