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Charcoal Barbecues & Smokers

Charcoal Barbecues & Smokers

Charcoal Barbecue Grills

Charcoal BBQ's give food a truly authentic grilled taste in a practical, easy way. Many charcoal barbecues are design classics, and will enhance any outdoor area. Charcoal Barbecues with hoods offer increased versatility by adding to the variety of cooking methods, use your BBQ as an oven cook the infamous beer can chicken and much more. Classic looks are combined with the latest safety, design, and cleaning features to give a fantastic cooking experience. Choose from a variety of all shapes and sizes to suit all tastes from brand leaders Outback and Lanmann.

Whether you simply want to cook for a few friends and family, or you're planning something bigger, our superbly designed charcoal barbecues will produce mouth-watering results every time. Some models come complete with side shelves for practical storage of bbq accessories, utensils, and food.

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  1. Outback 370543 Full Drum Charcoal BBQ Grill

    OUTBACK 370543 Full Drum Charcoal BBQ Grill

    Excl. Tax: £149.99 Our Price: Incl. Tax: £179.99 Inc. VAT

    Outback Full Drum Charcoal BBQ

    Much like the half drum BBQ, this full drum BBQ has been designed to add larger party catering to al-fresco entertainment. The 64x42cm cooking area can be doubled by simply opening up the hood of the BBQ. Featuring 4 cooking grills which can be adjusted to suit cooking needs, this is great to keep food separate such as vegetarian and meat.

    When closed, you can use the hood to use indirect (oven type method) cooking method to cook a wider range of foods. The adjustable air vents allows you to have full control over the heat of the BBQ whilst the temperature gauge allows to you keep check on the heat at all times should you be using the BBQ with the lid closed.

    To the sides of the BBQ you can find 2 x folding, timber framed side tables which are great for food preparation or accompaniments. On one side shelf there is a tool rack which is ideal to keep BBQ utensils close to the BBQ without taking up the space on the side shelves. At the bottom of the BBQ behind the Outback front screen there is a metal base shelf for extra storage.

    Built on a frame with 2 wheels you can easily move the BBQ in / out of storage or around the patio or garden.

    If you wish to collect this BBQ from our Buxton showroom we will discount the BBQ by £30. Please call 01298 213 145 to reserve before collecting. Learn More

  2. Landmann 11100 Grill Chef Kettle Barbecue

    LANDMANN 53cm Grill Chef Charcoal Kettle BBQ

    Excl. Tax: £70.00 Our Price: Incl. Tax: £84.00 Inc. VAT

    Landmann 11100 Grill Chef Kettle

    The Landmann Grill Chef Kettle bbq has a 53cm cooking area with chrome plated cooking grill to add a high quality finish to a high quality barbecue. Ideal for budding BBQ'ers who are looking for an easy to use, easy to clean and compact to store charcoal barbecue.

    The Grill Chef Kettle is Ideal at with standing high temperatures this kettle barbecue has a chimney effect for controlling the airflow into the barbecue. Designed with a temperature gauge within the enamelled lid for temperature control. The ventilation disc provides optimal air flow around the barbecue for perfect results every time.

    The Landmann Grill Chef Kettle has a removable ash catcher with handle allows you to easily remove unwanted ashes for easy cleaning and disposal with very little fuss. The 3 legged design is ideal for storing in compact spaces whilst the wheels allows you to wheel around the garden or patio with ease.

    This BBQ comes complete with charcoal dividers which are perfect for holding charcoal to either side of the charcoal grate for when using the indirect cooking method (oven cooking method).

    Learn More
  3. Landmann Grill Chef Broiler XXL Charcoal BBQ

    LANDMANN Grill Chef Broiler XXL Charcoal BBQ

    Excl. Tax: £213.50 Our Price: Incl. Tax: £256.20 Inc. VAT

    Grill Chef Broiler XXL

    Stylish Grill Chef XXL Broiler from Landmann boasts an extra large cooking area of 80 x 45 cm made up of three enamelled grills, making this BBQ perfect for entertaining friends and family. The large warming rack allows you to be versatile on the foods you cook, with the space to easily cook for 12 people at one time. This stylish BBQ comes with two charcoal grills which can easily be adjusted in height by the two separate handles meaning you can adjust the temperature on each side of the BBQ. With a classic black finish with stainless steel handles, the BBQ comes with two side shelves to provide valuable space when you are cooking outdoors with hanging hooks for your BBQ tools, these shelves can be folded away for transit and storage. With a thermometer within the lid, you can keep check on the BBQ's cooking temperature allowing you to indirect cook large piece of meat or joints without the need to open the lid to disturb the food. This BBQ comes with two wheels allowing you to easily move the BBQ around the garden and a large mesh shelf underneath to store items you may require during a BBQ. A handy bottle opener has been built on this BBQ to really get the party started! Learn More

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