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Gas Barbecues

Gas Barbecues

Choose gas bbqs from our fantastic range of Outback, Landmann, Grandhall, Lifestyle and Universal Innovations barbecues.

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  1. 3 burner gas BBQ

    GRANDHALL Xenon 3 Burner Hooded Gas BBQ Grill

    Excl. Tax: £165.83 Our Price: Incl. Tax: £199.00 Inc. VAT

    3 Burner Hooded Gas Barbecue

    This Grandhall 3 burner barbecue comes with a roasting hood with built in temperature gauge, you can easily control the temperature within the BBQ to cook foods to perfection. With a contrasting black frame and stainless steel door.

    This high-quality BBQ has 3 burners made from stainless steel, which are all controlled individually using the control knobs to the front of the BBQ and lit using an electronic push button system. Equipped with 2 porcelain coated cast iron cooking grills and 1 porcelain coated cast iron hotplate the cooking possibilities on this BBQ are endless.

    To the left of the BBQ is a shelf which gives additional preparation space, whilst to the right is a side burner which is ideal for accompanying sauces for foods cooked on the BBQ. The side burner has a lid which can be closed when not in use to give a little extra preparation area.

    Behind the front stainless steel door is space for an 11kg gas bottle so you don't have to leave the patio looking untidy with an unsightly bottle hanging around. This is also much safer if you have little ones running around and also makes it much easier to move around not all BBQ's have the facility to keep the gas bottle inside.

    This really is a great 3 burner BBQ and the value for money is exceptional.

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  2. Landmann Rexton 3 burner gas BBQ

    LANDMANN Rexon 3.1 3 Burner Gas Barbecue Grill

    Excl. Tax: £174.16 Our Price: Incl. Tax: £208.99 Inc. VAT

    Landmann Rexon Gas BBQ

    Ideal for cooking for up to 12 people this Rexon barbecue has a large 64x40cm cooking area which is spread with enamelled cooking grills. Underneath the cooking grills, you will find 3 flavouriser bars covering each of the 3 stainless steel burners. These bars catch any drips from food to create a steam which then flavours the food with the well loved barbecue flavour. This Rexon barbecue features the PTS (Power Thermal Spreading) system which applies the energy from the burner more evenly and efficiently to the cooking grill which reduces the risk of cold spots for more precise and even temperatures across the cooking grill. Each burner is individually controlled using the control knobs on the front panel which are easily lit. To one side of the BBQ is a stable side shelf which offers ample preparation space whilst to the other side is a recessed side burner which when the lid is closed will double as a side shelf. This side burner is perfect for cooking accompanying foods such as sauces and pasta or rice. Built on a closed cabinet and 4 lockable castors allowing you to move the barbecue around the patio or garden before locking it into place to cook. Learn More
  3. Outback Magnum 3 Burner BBQ Package Deal

    OUTBACK Magnum 3 Burner Gas BBQ Package

    Excl. Tax: £291.66 Our Price: Incl. Tax: £349.99 Inc. VAT

    Outback Magnum 3 Burner BBQ

    Replacing the Spectrum BBQ model from previous years, this Magnum 3 burner barbecue is new for the 2017 season. With upgraded features and a slight design change, this Magnum barbecue now boasts a side burner with lid, larger roasting hood with a shape change and mode stylish design. The large 64x42cm cooking area which boasts 2 large cooking grills this barbecue is ideal for catering for larger parties or smaller numbers. Underneath the grilling area is 3 cast iron burners which are all individually controlled using the new style front facing control knobs all lit using the integral ignition system for quick and easy lighting of the burners. The lava rock baskets have been designed to catch fats and juices which drop from foods to create a steam which adds that smokey grilled flavour to foods as they cook. The two tier drip tray underneath the cooking area allows for easy cleaning. The new larger roasting hood allows you to cook larger pieces of meat and has also been double layered to offer excellent heat retention meaning cooking times can be reduced. The temperature gauge built into the hood allows you to keep control of cooking temperatures whilst the warming rack within the lid will keep foods warm without cooking further allowing space on the cooking grills to be freed up for further grilling. To the left of the barbecue is a side burner whilst to the right is a side shelf which gives additional space for preparation. The trolley cart is built with 2 wheels to allow for easy movement of the barbecue around the patio or garden. Comes complete with a barbecue cover, 3 piece tool kit and grill cleaning brush. Delivery will be palletized to offer maximum protection during transit or you can collect this BBQ from our Buxton store and receive a £30 discount, please call 01298 213 145 to reserve before collection. Learn More

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Latest reviews for Gas Barbecues

Average rating: 5 star(s) | Total reviews: 40

OUTBACK Magnum 3 Burner Hooded Gas BBQ

Very Happy

Really wanted the Spectrum 3 burner but waited to long to purchase and it was made obsolete, World of Power recommended this Magnum model as the alternative.

Reviewed by Jo / (Posted on 2017-06-20)

OUTBACK 2 Burner Combi Hooded Gas and Charcoal BBQ

Dual Fuel Worth The Money

For those who love the charcoal taste but also want the convenience of gas this model is the top dog.

Reviewed by George / (Posted on 2017-06-20)

OUTBACK 2 Burner Combi Hooded Gas and Charcoal BBQ

Love It

This BBQ saved an argument between my husband and I over gas or charcoal.

Reviewed by Jay / (Posted on 2017-06-20)

LANDMANN Rexon 3.1 3 Burner Gas Barbecue Grill

Brilliant BBQ

Really pleased with this BBQ.

Reviewed by Bigbillsloth / (Posted on 2017-06-15)

OUTBACK Meteor Hooded 4 Burner Gas BBQ Grill In Red

Excellent BBQ

Received my Outback Meteor 4 Burner Grill recently.

Reviewed by David B / (Posted on 2017-04-06)

Choose From The Best Gas BBQs

Gas bbqs provide a convenient versatile way of cooking outdoors. Outback or Landmann, both of which are brand leaders in the BBQ industry. A gas barbecue will look impressive on you patio, it will also give you the ability to bbq at the turn of a dial. Gas BBQs are suitable for cooking for larger parties or smaller families.

World of Power have knowledgeable, fully trained staff so look no further than the World of Power website or visit our bbq showroom in Buxton.  Buy a gas bbq that will keep you cooking on gas for many years, you can cook anything from burgers, chicken, chocolate brownies to full roast dinners.