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Grandhall Barbecues & Outdoor Heating

The brand Grandhall is synonymous with lifestyle. With design roots in Australia Grandhall have over 40 years experience manufacturing gas grills, outdoor heaters and associated products. Established in 1976 Grandhall have grown from an Australian research and design base to become one of the largest BBQ manufacturers outside of North America.

Grandhall were the first to introduce the gas side burner to a barbecue grill and in 2008 introduced Crossray infrared technology that delivers flare-up free fast cooking using 40% less gas than a standard gas grill. In 2012 Grandhall launched Integrill technology that boasts a 15% reduction in gas usage and delivers flare-up free BBQ grilling.

The Grandhall range includes a range of gas and charcoal barbecues alongside a range of outdoor and indoor heatstrips which are ideal for keeping guests warm throughout the evening into the early hours. All Grandhall products are complimented by a full range of quality accessories and tailored covers.

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Latest reviews for GRANDHALL

Average rating: 5 star(s) | Total reviews: 5

GRAND HALL Cover for 4 Burner Xenon and Argon BBQ


It looks like it is a very good quality! I am a happy customer .

Reviewed by Sarah / (Posted on 2019-07-21)

GRANDHALL Premium G3 Build In 3 Burner Gas BBQ

Great Find

I was looking for something like this for a while now but never found anything suitable, the Grandhall is such high quality - much more than i expected.

Reviewed by Harley / (Posted on 2016-05-06)

GRANDHALL Xenon Charcoal BBQ

Futuristic Great Bbq

Loved the unique look of this Grandhall charcoal BBQ and couldn't wait to get it delivered and fired up.

Reviewed by Charlie / (Posted on 2016-05-06)

GRANDHALL Xenon 3 Burner Hooded Gas BBQ Grill

Fantastic Value

I think this BBQ was great value for money.

Reviewed by Simon Keithly / (Posted on 2016-04-04)

GRANDHALL Xenon 3 Burner Hooded Gas BBQ Grill


Not heard of this make before but after reading spec thought sounds to good an oppurtunity to miss as my BBQ has finially gone to BBQ heaven.

Reviewed by BBQ King / (Posted on 2015-12-10)