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Grass Collecting Electric Hover Lawn Mowers

The collecting electric hover mower was introduced by Flymo in 1978 and was an instant success with consumers looking for an easy to use mower with grass collection for the small garden. This type of mower is the biggest selling in the UK today. Like the non-collecting electric hover mower this model also floats on a cushion of air, but gives you the added benefit of grass collection. However, you do lose a few of the key features that make the non-collecting hover so easy to use. The added size of the motor/collection box housing on the machine makes it more difficult to mow under bushes and shrubs that overhang your lawn. To get the very best from the grass collection system you will need to walk in a forward and backward direction only. You can still move the mower from side to side, but the collection will not be so good. Another feature that is lost with the collecting electric hover mower is the ability to mow steep banks as the machine is top heavy and the handles do not pivot down enough to make this function safe. The overall weight of the machine is greater with a collecting hover mower and you will need to consider how you will carry the machine to the grassed area. Some models are fitted with transport rollers that will help when moving the machine around the garden.

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Latest reviews for Grass Collecting Electric Hover Lawn Mowers

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FLYMO Hover Vac 250 1400w Electric Hover Mower

New Hover Mower

I ordered this after my last Flymo died after many years in use.

Reviewed by Tricky / (Posted on 2020-04-12)

FLYMO Glider 330 33cm Hover Collect Electric Lawnmower


Glides through the lawn.

Reviewed by Zaf / (Posted on 2020-04-12)

FLYMO 1800w Ultraglide Hover 36cm Lawn Mower

Good Tool

Does what it says on the tin.

Reviewed by bigalrc / (Posted on 2017-10-09)

FLYMO 1800w Ultraglide Hover 36cm Lawn Mower


Great buy excellent service will buy again from them very happy.

Reviewed by Chas / (Posted on 2017-04-08)

FLYMO 1800w Ultraglide Hover 36cm Lawn Mower

Excellent Purchase

I have been putting off replacing my old mower but I am so pleased I have made the decision, this new model is excellent in every way, with the first cut the grass was somewhat wet but it coped with it brilliantly .

Reviewed by peter wt / (Posted on 2017-03-26)