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Husqvarna Personal Protective Equipment

Husqvarna Personal Protective Equipment

Husqvarna have specially developed their range of personal protective equipment (PPE) with all users in mind, from the occasional user to the hardened professional Husqvarna have something to suit all applications. If you are looking for a range of clothing which offers protection and style at the same time then look no further.

The PPE range has been manufactured to protect your body from the dangers of using gardening equipment. Within this section includes helmets, safety trousers, jackets, gloves and boots. For help in choosing the correct clothing or boot size please click here.

Latest reviews for Husqvarna Personal Protective Equipment

Average rating: 5 star(s) | Total reviews: 43

HUSQVARNA Sun Protective Glasses

Good Glasses

These are a nice set of saftey specs.

Reviewed by P.T. / (Posted on 2019-04-07)

HUSQVARNA Classic Forest Helmet

A Good Buy

Have brought before and will do so again.

Reviewed by Malc / (Posted on 2019-03-31)

Husqvarna 5938372-02 Tool Belt Flexi Wedge Kit

Top Product

Great product.

Reviewed by Forestry / (Posted on 2019-02-25)

HUSQVARNA Classic Forest Helmet

Decent For Decent Price

Surprisingly comfortable and protects your head.

Reviewed by JonH / (Posted on 2019-02-25)

HUSQVARNA Classic Forest Helmet

If You Use A Chainsaw This Is Surely A Must Have

Brought as part of a larger order.

Reviewed by Mr Seagull / (Posted on 2018-10-23)