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Makita Petrol Chainsaws

Makita Petrol Chainsaws

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  1. Makita EA3500 S35B 35cm / 14" cut chainsaw with 35cc 2-stroke petrol engine with safety starter kit.

    MAKITA EA3500S35B 35cc Petrol 14" Standard Class Chainsaw - Kit

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    Makita chainsaws are manufactured in Germany by the Makita owned Sachs Dolmar company. Sachs Dolmar developed the first petrol chainsaw back in 1927 and the company continue to design and produce quality chainsaws today. Makita chainsaws are one of the leading chainsaw brands and a recommended alternative to Stihl.

    EA3500S35B Petrol Chainsaw

    The Makita EA3500S35B is one of a number of brand new saws designed to offer cutting edge (sorry) user features while meeting and exceeding current global emissions and vibration standards. This model is a lighter more domestic version on the EA3500F weighing in .5kg lighter and producing just 0.02 lower horse power. Featuring a 35cc 2-stroke petrol engine, this chainsaw comes fitted as standard with a 35cm bar size. Fitted with an automatic chain brake and anti-vibration system, the chainsaw weighs in at 4.4kg so affording the operator with an ergonomically designed machine even during extended periods of use and is ideal for the home owner and land owner a like.

    The new compact engine design has a cylinder displacement of 35cc and produces 2.28hp of power. Due to a new port liner design on the exhaust outlet the engine cylinder temperature operates 20˚C lower than other 2-stroke engines, this will extend the use and the life of the saw and increase user comfort. At the same time the EA3500 engine offers excellent torque and very good emission levels and increased fuel consumption.

    Starting the Makita EA3500 petrol chain saw could not be easier thanks to the combination of Memory Power Ignition system (MPI), primer carburetor and Makita Easy Start recoil system that requires 25% less pulling force than other brand leading chainsaws.

    Low Vibrations

    Vibration is also a key factor when using powered equipment especially for longer periods. The Makita have developed the Two Mass vibration dampening system (M2M) that provides very effective vibration dampening. Removing and adjusting the 14" / 35cm cutting bar and chain on the EA3500S35B Makita petrol chain saw is by means of 2 stud nuts for added bar security with side mounted adjustment screw for easy tensioning. Chain lubrication is also taken care of with a fully adjustable metal automatic ecological oiler and 0,29L oil tank with easy lock 'S' shaped cap. This intelligent oil pump switches off the oil supply when the saw is in idle mode. The fuel tank holds 0,40L of unleaded petrol and oil mix at 50:1.

    Finally we can not forget safety, The Makita EA 3500 S35B is fitted with the proven Makita SafetyMatic chain brake system that is operated by both inertia and physical front hand guard in the event of kickback.

    Comes with universal wrench and bar cover.

    Chainsaw Starter Kit

    We have assembled in a kit what we consider to be the basic essentials needed for you to start using a chainsaw safely. This kit includes a 100ml 2-stroke oil for mixing with the petrol, a 5 litre petrol can with pouring spout, a 1 litre bottle of chainsaw chain oil for lubricating the cutting chain, a filter funnel to help keep debris out of the petrol tank and so prevent starting issues, a combination safety helmet with mesh full face visor and ear protectors to give full head, face and ear protection when using your chainsaw and finally an all steel construction logging saw horse that helps make sawing logs safer. To buy these items separately would cost in excess of £60. Learn More

  2. Genuine Makita EA3501S35B 35cc petrol chainsaw

    MAKITA EA3501S35B 35cc Petrol 35cm Chainsaw With Tool-less Tensioning

    Excl. Tax: £189.14 Our Price: Incl. Tax: £226.97 Inc. VAT

    High Quality Homeowner Chainsaw

    Powered by a high quality, environmentally friendly 35cc 2-stroke engine which has a catalytic muffler to comply with the well known exhaust emission regulations. Offering an increased stroke length this chainsaw gives a more efficient cut which is ideal for logging or trimming trees. With touch and stop switch and an on-off choke combination switch with automatic half throttle lock. This compact and lightweight chainsaw weighs in at only 4.5kg which allows the user to have a better all round cutter experience with better handling. The low vibration levels makes for a comfortable use without causing pain or fatigue for the user even when used for longer periods of time. Featuring rapid start technology which is has a spring loaded mechanism for easy and hassle free starting of the chainsaw time and time again. The tool-less chain tensioning allows you to quickly tension your chain without the need for tools so you can continue to work without hassle or delay. The EA3501S35B boasts an inertia brake, automatic chain brake, M2M vibration dampening system and decompressor. Learn More
  3. Makita EA3601F40B 35cc Petrol 16" Farmer Chainsaw

    MAKITA EA3601F40B 35cc Petrol 16" Farmer Chainsaw

    Excl. Tax: £250.40 Our Price: Incl. Tax: £300.48 Inc. VAT

    Makita EA3601F40B Petrol Chainsaw

    Designed for semi-professional usage this high quality Makita chainsaw has been built with a powerful 35cc 2-stroke petrol engine. Fitted with a 16"/40cm cutter bar with high quality 3/8" chain this chainsaw is ideal for farmers. The tool-less chain tensioning allows the chain to be tensioned easily whilst out in the field without the need for any tools, simply flip open the cap and tension the chain quickly with little fuss. With clean exhaust emissions for cleaner working conditions which is in compliance with strict exhaust emission regulations thanks to stratified scavenging engine. This low fuel consumption engine will help save running costs in the long run. Designed with an easy start spring assisted recoil stater which reduces user fatigue by drastically reducing the resistance caused when the starter rope is pulled. Featuring an anti icing valve which when the dial is turned will supply warm air from the engine to prevent the carburettor from icing up under cold environments. The centrifugal air cleaner allows enhanced air filtration. The fuel tank features a fuel level window which allows you to see when a top up is required, generally the chain oil needs to be re-filled at the same time as the fuel tank. This lightweight and compact chainsaw weighs in at just 4.2kg making it much more comfortable to work with, even during longer periods of use. Learn More

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MAKITA EA3201S35B 14" 32cc Petrol Chainsaw

Brilliant Chainsaw

Excellent chainsaw.

Reviewed by Woody / (Posted on 2018-11-09)

MAKITA EA3201S35B 14" 32cc Petrol Chainsaw

Good Price All My Other Makita Tools Are Great

Good service would use them again.

Reviewed by Mik / (Posted on 2018-08-19)

MAKITA EA3500S35B 35cc Petrol 14" Standard Class Chainsaw

Excellent Product , Excellent Customer Service

Great customer service and fast technical help ,will definitely use this retailer again.

Reviewed by stephen / (Posted on 2018-04-24)

MAKITA EA3201S35B 14" 32cc Petrol Chainsaw


As good as Stihl and hopefully it will last the same time.

Reviewed by Rick / (Posted on 2018-03-22)

MAKITA EA3501S35B 35cc Petrol 35cm Chainsaw With Tool-less Tensioning

Good Quality Product And Good Price

Makita have a good reputation and I wanted a chain saw that was straightforward to use.

Reviewed by Steve / (Posted on 2018-02-17)

Makita Professional Petrol Chainsaws

Makita Chainsaws are Ideal for a range of applications from logging at a domestic level to forestry management and tree surgery in a professional manner. These quality 2-stroke machines give a high powered performance which will complete any task quickly and efficiently. With a range of bar sizes from as little as 10" right up to the larger 30" bars ideal for professional users.


These chainsaws enter the World of Power FREE PDI (pre-delivery inspection) process where our technician will take it out of the box, build and test the product to ensure its in full working condition when we dispatch the machine to you. Our fully equipped workshop with fully trained technicians pride themselves on after sales service, World of Power are a Makita approved service agent so we can carry out any warranty repair or paid repair should you require us to do so.