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Non Collecting Electric Hover Lawn Mowers

First produced in 1965 by Flymo the hover mower features a rotary style blade that spins around chopping the grass in its path. A large plastic fan called an impellor is mounted between the blade and the drive shaft to produce the 'hover'. Using an electric hover mower is very easy and ideal for small to medium lawns. The non-collecting hover mower can be used in any direction that you wish; forwards, backwards, side to side and it will always cut the grass. Cutting steep banks and under overhanging bushes and shrubs are two applications where the non-collecting hover mower comes in to its own. Very often a hover mower makes an ideal second mower. You can use it on the more difficult areas where access is limited or on a steep bank and then you can run a collecting mower by to collect the grass cuttings if needed (not on the banks obviously). The downside to this mower is in the title! It leaves the grass cuttings on the ground and if you have children, pets or both this can make for a messy garden and house. You will also need to consider that the mower will need to be carried to the lawn as there are no wheels or rollers to help move it along the ground.
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