3kg Bag of Lava Rock

3kg Bag of Lava Rock

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  • Comes In A Handy 3kgs Bag
  • High Heat Retention Properties
  • Absorbs High Quantities Of Grease
  • Easy to Clean
  • Stops Flare-Ups
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ADDITIONAL FEATURES Absorbs High Quantities Of Grease
PRODUCT ID NO 370075 / 4120

3kg Lava Rock Bag

Lava Rock helps you to keep the heat in your gas barbecue with these lava rock's, used on Gas barbecues to look like real charcoal, but with the difference of being able to use them time and time again. Lava Rocks have a long-life and are resistant to extremely high temperatures making them ideal for Gas barbecues.

Lava Stones are easy to replace and are easy to clean, absorbing high quantities of grease, making the cleaning of the rest of your equipment a joy. Simply turn the heat up on your BBQ and burn away any excess fats and juices from your lava rock.

If you want to give your barbecue an overhaul, change the lava rock and it will help with even cooking and better heat retention (this is recommended once a season / two seasons depending how often you cook on your BBQ). Old lava rock breaks down eventually and gets a build up of fat etc. which can stop it heating up to its full extent.

Suitable for all BBQ's which requires the use of lava rock.

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