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Outback Barbecue Accessories

Outback Barbecue Accessories

Outback barbecue accessories are here to help protect your BBQ from the elements of British weather with a full range of covers and to make life easier from their extensive range of cooking aids such as grills, griddle’s, utensils and recipe books. Outback also offer a vast range of spare to help maintain your BBQ for years to come.

Latest reviews for Outback Barbecue Accessories

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OUTBACK 370049 Cover to Fit 3 Burner Flatbed Barbecues


Excellent product, very good price and a very speedy delivery.

Reviewed by Snow white / (Posted on 2018-01-14)

OUTBACK 370049 Cover to Fit 3 Burner Flatbed Barbecues

Excellent Service

Good quality at a decent price and a quick delivery.

Reviewed by AndyP / (Posted on 2018-01-06)

OUTBACK 370050 Cover for Some 3 Burner Hooded Barbecues

Seems Very Good

This seems like a quality item.

Reviewed by Richie D / (Posted on 2017-10-02)

OUTBACK Charcoal Starter


Always had issues lighting charcoal, making sure it was all light and no cold spots.

Reviewed by Jade / (Posted on 2017-08-29)

OUTBACK 370086 Omega Burner Unit,2002 Models and before (175mm gap)

Just The Ticket

I bought this to replace the burner in my Bondi 1 gas BBQ.

Reviewed by Kenj888 / (Posted on 2017-08-13)