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Pressure Washers

Pressure Washers

Power Washers we sell a small select range of pressure washers where we have selected the best brands for quality and value for money. World of Power stock the very best brands such as - Nilfisk, Stihl and SIP . No matter What you are cleaning we have the pressure washer to suit your needs.  The decision of which type of washer to choose depends largely on how you plan to use the product along with individual preferences.

Pressure washers are perfect for light-duty cleaning of bicycles, garden furniture and medium-duty washing of cars or wooden fencing to of patios or decking and brickwork.  Choose from electric washers or petrol washers. 

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Latest reviews for Pressure Washers

Average rating: 5 star(s) | Total reviews: 45

NILFISK C-PG130.2-8 XTRA 130 Bar Pressure Washer

Great Machine

Just had this a short time, but compared to my previous Karcher, which wasn't bad but eventually gave up the ghost, it feels much more solid and robust.

Reviewed by DrewewToo / (Posted on 2018-01-14)

STIHL RE109 10-110 Bar Cold Water Pressure Washer - 440l/h


I have used this firm before and find them amazing.

Reviewed by Jaykaycad / (Posted on 2018-01-05)

STIHL RE143 PLUS 10-140 Bar Cold Water High Pressure Cleaner

Stihl RE143 Plus / Stihl In General

Firstly I’d like to say Thankyou to word of power for excellent customer service all round.

Reviewed by Alex C / (Posted on 2017-12-31)

NILFISK C-PG130.2-8 XTRA 130 Bar Pressure Washer

Great Machine - Need To Strengthen Those Wrists

Fantastic machines, does exactly what I asked of it.

Reviewed by Chris / (Posted on 2017-12-04)

NILFISK D-PG 140.4-9 XTRA 140 Bar Pressure Washer

Amazing Results

I did quite a bit of research before I bought this one, I can't reccommend this enough.

Reviewed by Fee / (Posted on 2017-11-28)