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PROQ Cold Smoke Generator

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PROQ Cold Smoke Generator

Product Code: PROQPQCSG-006

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  • High Grade Stainless Steel
  • Produces Clean, Cool Smoke
  • Works in BBQ's Smokers & Other Containers
  • Produes Smoke for up to 10 Hours!
  • Cost Effecting Smoking Method
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Specification for PROQ Cold Smoke Generator

COMES WITH Premium Smoking Dust, Starting Candle & Instructions
DIMENSIONS 150 x 180 x 40mm
MADE OF High Grade Stainless Steel
Colour Silver / Metalic

Pro Q Cold Smoker

Designed to produce smoke or up to 10 hours you can create culinary masterpieces with as much or as little smokey flavour to suit your taste. Add smoky flavours to foods such as fish, bacon, hams, eggs, cheeses, beef, venison, salami, butter, salt, nuts and much more! Some cold smoked products can be eaten without being cooked but others, such as bacon, will need to be cooked prior to consumption.

Making cold smoking easy to do and affordable, Pro Q have designed this very cleaver stainless steel cold smoke generator which can be used with most BBQ's (with a hood), smokers and other containers such as metal filing cabinets or a fridge - please note although this is a cold smoke generator, there is a small area of very hot smoldering dust so please bear this in mind when choosing your container.

Simply fill (or partially fill) the cold smoke generator and place a lit tea light in the slot underneath, once the wood dust starts smouldering remove the tea light and place the cold smoke generator within your smoking container. The smoke will wind its way through the maze over the course of ten hours (if full).

Comes complete with Premium smoking dust, Starting Candle and Instructions.

Please ensure that this unit is not used indoors, it can create concentrations of carbon monoxide which is odourless and can be deadly if inhaled. Use in a well-ventilated area out of wind and rain. Always remove the tea-light candle used to light the cold smoke generator once the dust has begun smouldering, the candle must be removed before inserting the generator into your chamber.

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