PROQ Cold Smoke Kit

PROQ Cold Smoke Kit

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  • Eco Smoker with Cold Smoke Generator and Wood Dust
  • 3 Chrome Racks
  • 2 Drip Trays
  • Economically Friendly Smoker
  • Easy and Affordable Smoking
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COMES WITH Eco Smoker, Cold Smoke Generator and Hickory Wood Dust

ECO Cold Smoker Kit

Everything you need to get you started with smoking, the ProQ Eco Smoker is a ideal for cold smoking at home locking in flavour and penetrating food with a delicious smokey flavour. This Eco Smoker kit comes complete with the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator and the classic Hickory wood dust.

The Eco Smoker is economically friendly with an inner and outer layer to lock in the smoke, it features three chrome racks to give you plenty of room to smoke your food and the two drip trays will eliminate any mess.

The stainless steel cold smoke generator easily slides in and out of the purpose build door on the Eco Smoker and gives up to 10 hours smoking time, the generator can be partially filled to reduce the smoking time if required. A small candle is provided to light the wood dust and once a gentle smoulder is established the candle is removed.

The Hickory wood dust gives a strong to sweet flavour, ideal for pork, chicken and beef. The cold smoker can be used with a variety of food from fish. bacon, cheese, butter, garlic, nuts, salt, peppers, and much more.

The ProQ Eco Smoker is designed for use only with the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator. Using the box with any other brand or size may result in serious injury, death or damage to property.
This kit has been put together by World of Power

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