BRIGGS & STRATTON Fuel Fit - 250ml

BRIGGS & STRATTON Fuel Fit - 250ml

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  • 250ml Quantity
  • Keeps Fuel Fresh for up to 24 Months
  • Quick Starting
  • Clean Fuel System
  • Protects Equipment
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Briggs & Stratton BP992381 Fuel Fit

This fuel fit fuel stabilizer has been designed to help keep fuel fit for use for up to 24 months. Fuel without an additive can go bad within 1 month of being purchased, this fuel stabilizer will ensure your machine will be ready to start after storage or longer periods without use. When treating fuel, fuel fit should be added to the fuel within 30 days of purchase to ensure freshness. We recommend you always treat new fuel with stabilizer to protect your equipment throughout the season. When storing a machine for longer than 30 days you should fill the fuel tank with petrol/fuel fit mix to ensure the machine will start perfectly when you come to take it out of storage.

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