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Hand/Push Lawn Mowers

Push Lawn Mowers Cylinder mowers, with their spiral-cylindrical blades and scissor-like precision cutting action, are considered by purists to be the only choice for the perfect, classic striped lawn. Correctly adjusted by altering the position of the spinning spiral outer blades in relation to the central 'bed knife', a cylinder mower should be able to cut even paper cleanly. Manual Blade Lawnmowers The central horizontal axle is attached to a gear mounted on one of the wheels, so the blades spin rapidly for good grass cutting action even when the mower is moving slowly, making this type of mower ideal for hand pushing. Compact and easy to store, they are perfect for the small, even garden, or areas of lawn where power is not available. They generally come with a cuttings box which can be attached for collecting the cut grass. 

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