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Quality Arborist Equipment

All professional Tree Surgeons know that to get the job done in a safe and efficient manner, you need the right and the best Arborist tools. World of Power bring you a wide range of quality forestry and logging tools such as Axes, Pruning Saws and Log Hooks from leading manufacturers. You can rely on brand names such as Stihl and Husqvarna to get the job done safely and efficiently.


We also have a range of log storage and transportation options for cut firewood such as a log caddy and log cart.

Latest reviews for Forestry & Logging Tools

Average rating: 5 star(s) | Total reviews: 95

HUSQVARNA Forest Axe 65cm

Great Quality For The Price

Reasonably sharp when deliverered.

Reviewed by Rhodri / (Posted on 2019-05-14)

HUSQVARNA 300CU 40cm Curved Pruning Saw


Great very sharp quick delivery .

Reviewed by Shippy / (Posted on 2019-05-11)

HUSQVARNA Lifting / Timber Tongs - 20cm

Great Items If A Little Pricey.

Like most Husky gear, great quality items you just pay a bit more for them.

Reviewed by SawPlank / (Posted on 2019-05-05)

HUSQVARNA 300CU 40cm Curved Pruning Saw

It Pays To Wait, Good Things Do Come

Bought this saw in same week as a identical size Silky Zubat, yes the Silky is a class piece of professional equipment but if your needs are more heavy home/medium professional user that enjoys good tools trust me the Husqvarna really delivers nearly the same experience .

Reviewed by Patient man / (Posted on 2019-04-23)

STIHL Cleaving Axe 2800g Hickory Handle 80cm

Amazing Axe

I have only used a maul in my time of logging but recently got this axe and my god it is brilliant no effort at all needed when using it even for the bigger ones.

Reviewed by Dale smith / (Posted on 2019-03-02)