HUSQVARNA 305 Automower

HUSQVARNA 305 Automower

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  • Made in the UK
  • 600m² Working Area
  • 40% / 22° Max. Incline
  • Weatherproof with Frost Sensor
  • Lift & Tilt Sensors
  • 20 - 60mm Cutting Height
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ADDITIONAL FEATURES 70min Mowing on one charge
BLADE TYPE 3 Pivoting Razor
DIMENSIONS 57 x 43 x 25cm

Husqvarna 305 Robotic Lawn Mower

The Husqvarna 305 Automower has a compact design but boasts high specification to provide you with an stress free grass cutting. Ideal for lawns around 600m² with some complex areas, the 305 Automower can mow gardens with a 40% or 22° incline thanks to the large wheels with coarse tread to provide excelled traction, even if the surface is slippery. With automatic sensors, the mower can handle narrow passage mowing while also delivering excellent cutting results in large areas thanks to the free movement pattern that the robotic mower cuts in. The razor shape blades make light work of mowing and gently cut the grass from all directions, leaving you with a perfectly cut lawn, that will leave your neighbours green with envy!

The Great British rainy weather is not a problem for this robotic mower as it can still mow regardless of the wet weather thanks to its weatherproof design. The mower also takes into consideration the weather and adjusts its cutting frequency according to strong growth periods in summer, and will spend less time mowing in the winter. This also reduces unnecessary wear on your mower through colder months where the grass does not grow as fast.

When the Automower needs more power, it finds its own way back to the charging station and keeps itself charged up. With its silent operation, the mower can mow discreetly throughout the night or early morning. With Automover Connect at Home, you can be in control of your mower from your Smartphone, you can easily send stop / start commands and schedule your mower for when suits you. Safety on your mower is key, so the cutting blade automatically shuts off when it is lifted or it tips over. If the Automower meets an obstacle, it will redirect itself without causing damage. An anti-theft alarm will sound on the mower if it is carried away, this is backed up by a unique pin code allowing the machine to only be operated once the pin has been inputted.

With cutting heights from 20mm to 60mm, the Automower 305 cutting height can be adjusted by turning one knob. The mower has a special mode that allows you to cut an area in a spiral motion, this is ideal for use under garden furniture or trampolines. Cleaning the Automower has never been easier as a garden hose can be attached to the deck to clean the grass from underneath. If you lawn is a little bit complex and has separate areas of grass, you can create a profile with a name and the mower can be switched between the areas and automatically remember them.

Our professional team are on hand to install this Automower to your lawn, to help us assess if your lawn is suitable or for a delivery and installation quote please call our Webteam on 01298 213 145.

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