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Husqvarna Forestry Tools

Husqvarna Forestry Tools

Husqvarna forestry tools, from rucksacks and toolbelts to marking and measuring tape. With wedges and axes available in differing sizes and functions. Buy a Husqvarna forestry tool for any use.

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HUSQVARNA 2800S Splitting Axe - 2800g


Does what it says on the tin! Like a knife through butter, mint.

HUSQVARNA Forest Axe 65cm

Very High Quality Axe

Was going to buy a Gransfors axe but was told about the Husqvarna axe (made by Hultafors).

HUSQVARNA Lifting / Timber Tongs - 30cm

Good Set Of Tongs

Big enough to grip logs that the average human would struggle to move.

HUSQVARNA Combi 5L Fuel and 2.5L Chain Oil Can

Great Product

Does what it says on the tin.

HUSQVARNA 5769267-01 75cm Splitting Axe

Best Thing Since....

I love this axe.