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Husqvarna Forestry Tools

Husqvarna Forestry Tools

Husqvarna forestry tools, from rucksacks and toolbelts to marking and measuring tape. With wedges and axes available in differing sizes and functions. Buy a Husqvarna forestry tool for any use.

Latest reviews for Husqvarna Forestry Tools

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HUSQVARNA Forest Axe 65cm

Punches Well Above Its Weight

The forest axe by husqvarna is actually a really nice axe to use, was quite surprised by the quality feel of it as I usually use granfors axe for my work.

Reviewed by Reverend Su / (Posted on 2019-08-08)

HUSQVARNA 5796928-02 Sappie Lifting Hook 80cm

Good Quality Tool At A Quality Price

Quality tool, saves your back & eases movement of timber.

Reviewed by Dave / (Posted on 2019-08-03)

HUSQVARNA 1600S Splitting Axe - 1600g


Easy to use, perfect Axe for job what I buy for.

Reviewed by Hellraiser / (Posted on 2019-08-02)

HUSQVARNA 300CU 40cm Curved Pruning Saw


A very handy little saw, very sharp and cuts great with little effort.

Reviewed by Mr P / (Posted on 2019-07-21)

HUSQVARNA Lifting / Timber Tongs - 30cm

Blessed Be Husky Tong Makers!

If you own a chainsaw then you need a set of these hooks: they are a godsend for shifting logs of all sizes, either single or in pairs for longer stock.

Reviewed by walt.wales / (Posted on 2019-07-12)