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Husqvarna 236 Modern Chainsaw Starting Procedure

Before starting your new Husqvarna 236 chainsaw please ensure you follow the correct fuelling and safety procedures

How to start a Husqvarna 236 chainsaw 

Push the primer bulb 6 times

How to start the Husqvarna 236 chain saw

Push the red lever (start-stop) up and pull the blue lever (choke) out (coke on)

Husqvarna 236 starting procedure

Pull the recoil short and sharp* several times until you hear the engine’s first FIRE then stop pulling

Husqvarna 236 chainsaw starting

Push the blue lever (choke) in (choke off)

Husqvarna chainsaw starting procedure

Pull the recoil short and sharp* a couple of times and the chainsaw will start. Tease the throttle gently to warm the engine, slowly increasing the revs until full throttle is achieves.

Note: The critical point in starting a modern 2-stroke chainsaw is hearing the engine’s first FIRE and then turning the choke off before further pulling of the recoil. If you continue to pull the recoil after the first FIRE with the choke on you will flood the engine with petrol and it will not start. If you do flood the engine please refer to further enclosed instructions on how to clear the flooding.

Q: What is a FIRE?
A: A FIRE is when the spark ignites the petrol for the first time and explodes resulting in a small ‘cough’ of burnt petrol from the exhaust system.

* Please avoid long and hard pulling.