The price of Outback BBQ’s is determined by the size, features and quality of the BBQ. If you plan to use your BBQ regularly throughout the year, it’s worth spending a little more on a model which will last you much longer and come with a lengthier warranty so you can enjoy your BBQ for a longer period of time.

When purchasing from World of Power our Outback BBQ’s range from £99 to over £1000 so there is something for all wants, needs, taste and budget.

How many will you cook for?

We know this can be a difficult question to answer, but take into account the general amount of people which you cook for on a regular basis. Is it just family or friends? Whoever it maybe take a quick count of those who regularly join you for an alfresco feast.

Once you have an average number you can then decide which BBQ would be best to order based on the below;

Up to 4 people – Omega & Excel

Up to 6 people – Spectrum 2 & Trooper 2, Charcoal Kettle, Half Drum & Oven Grill

Up to 8 people – Hunter 3, Spectrum 3Meteor 3 & Full Drum

Up to 10 people – Meteor 4 & Signature 4

Up to 12 people – Combi, Meteor 6, Signature 6 & Party 6

If you are cooking for a larger party of people on occasions, you can also look for the extra features such as a side burner or sear burner which allows you to cook additional compliments to your BBQ and a warming rack which keeps cooked food warm without burning.

Assembling an Outback BBQ

When it comes to assembly, the easy to follow instructions within the Outback owner’s manual supplied with the BBQ makes assembly much easier. For the gas BBQ’s the main body and hood comes assembled you merely need to build the trolley base / shelves to attach the main unit to. The assembly can depend on the model so please refer to the specific manual to the BBQ for further information which can be found within the description of each individual model. Some of the larger BBQ’s we would recommend 2 people to be present as they can be heavy.

Gas v Charcoal

When it comes to this age old debate, there is no clear winner I’m afraid. Contrary to the popular myth, gas BBQ’s have no difference in taste than charcoal BBQ’s. Many BBQ Retailers have taste tested this theory, It is all down to personal preference which can cause a rift between some (unless you go for the Outback Combi BBQ!). When it comes to the debate between Gas and Charcoal.

Here is a simple practical guide we hope will help;




Combi (gas/charcoal)

Heat up time

10 Minutes

30 Minutes

10/30 Minutes

How to control heat

Turn control knobs

Adjust vents

Turn control knobs / adjust vents


Not portable

Some portable

Not portable

Cost to purchase

More expensive


More expensive

Ease of cooking

Very Easy


Very easy / easy


Same great BBQ taste - can use smoker chips / woods to create any flavour!

Slightly more smokey flavour - can use smoker chips / woods to create any flavour!

Best of both


Gas BBQ’s

Gas BBQ’s are a very convenient and quick option to use. Simply light using the push button or electronic ignition and you can instantly start cooking when the grill reaches temperature – usually within 10 minutes. With the burners it is possible to cook at multiple temperatures very easily as you can control the heat of the BBQ using the front facing control knobs. After use there is no charcoal to dispose of, these low maintenance BBQ’s are also very easy to clean and maintain.   We do recommend a good clean to remove any fat debris that may collect.

Charcoal BBQ’s

Charcoal BBQ’s are more traditional and have been around longer than gas BBQ’s. The heat below the grill comes from glowing embers which gives the classical BBQ experience. On most models, you can control the heat of the BBQ using the air vents which can be adjusted quickly and easily (we do recommend you use an oven glove to do this when hot!).

Charcoal is very easy to light when you know how, lighter fluid and other lighting aids are NOT recommended as can taint the taste of foods and is not very healthy! We say use the chimney starter which has been specifically designed by Outback to light your charcoal quickly and easily without the need for these harmful chemicals. Simply place the required amount of charcoal within the chimney starter and light lighter cubes underneath, leave for approximately 20-30 minutes and the charcoal will be glowing ready to be poured directly into the BBQ.

Other Features

Hoods and Flat Lids

Flat lids must be in the upright position when cooking. Hooded lids can act as a windshield when in the upright position which is a grilling environment, or when down can create an oven effect when the lid is closed. When closed the lid deflects heat perfectly around the BBQ to cook foods more evenly allowing you to roast joints, deserts – well just about anything you can in your indoor cooker! Some of these hoods feature a temperature gauge which allows you to keep control and ensure the heat of the BBQ is correct for the foods being grilled. A BBQ with 3 or more burners is ideal for roasting as you can turn the middle burner(s) off creating the perfect roasting environment.

Lava Rock

The gas BBQ answer to charcoal! These rocks sit above the burner but underneath the grill, these rocks catch the drips from foods which creates a steam to flavour foods with that well known BBQ taste. Some older models used flame tamers which were upside down ‘V’ shaped pieces of metal which worked in the same way.

Grills / Griddles

Dependent upon the model purchased your BBQ will come with a full grill area or a 50/50 grill/griddle split. The material these grills/griddles are made from depends on the model purchased and the cost. Some are manufactured from porcelain coated cast iron and others are chrome plated or stainless steel - all of which are high quality.

Warming Rack

This fantastic accessory sits within the hood of the BBQ away from the grilling area allowing grilling space to be freed up when you have finished cooking. This rack will keep foods warm without burning them so you can continue to cook without worry of cooked foods being ruined.

Side Burner / Sear Burner

This feature is on a number of BBQ models dependent upon where they are within the Outback range. The side burner can be used to cook a variety of accompanying foods such as sauces without the need to to-and-fro from the kitchen – you can completely cook alfresco. The sear burner reaches higher temperatures which allows you to seal meats before placing them on the grill to ensure they keep their flavour.


Suited to hooded BBQ’s (with the exception of Excel and Omega models), this rotisserie is ideal for joints of meat. Simply pop the meat onto the prongs and allow the rotisserie to work its magic by turning the joint evenly giving succulent results every time. Our recommendation would be to sit a drip tray underneath the meat to catch the fats and juices from the joint, this later creates delicious sauces to go with the meal. 


Outback have specifically designed a whole range of accessories which are there to compliment your BBQ perfectly. From cooking aids such as a roasting rack, pizza stone, grill dish, kebab racks and much more these accessories will ensure you cook the perfect foods with ease. The 3 piece stainless steel tool kit is perfect for any BBQ aiding in flipping, turning, removing foods from the grill with ease.

Gas to be used with Outback BBQ’s

Gas can be purchased from your local gas dealer. The recommended gas to be used is called Propane Patio gas which is usually supplied in a green bottle with a red rim, the regulator supplied with the BBQ is designed to suit this gas bottle (snap fit fitting). When you first purchase a gas bottle you may be required to pay a deposit for the bottle itself and pay for the gas also. When the bottle is empty you can exchange the bottle for a full one, you will only need to purchase the gas this time and each time after until you return the bottle for a refund of the deposit. The size of the gas bottle is down to personal preference and the BBQ check your manual for suitable Size some larger BBQ’s will not perform as well on the smaller bottles if you BBQ often a larger bottle maybe more beneficial and if you have a larger model you may also find a larger bottle more convenient.

Storing & Caring for your BBQ

Storing – Charcoal & Gas

When storing your Outback BBQ you should always refer to your owner’s manual. For those storing their BBQ indoors in a shed or garage, the cover should be REMOVED so the BBQ is aired to ensure it stays in the best condition. For those storing their BBQ outdoors the cover should be on the BBQ but removed periodically to dry any condensation from the BBQ and the inside of the cover so damage is not caused due to the BBQ not being aired.  It is also recommended that grills / griddles are removed and stored indoors in a clean, dry area.

After Grilling Care

Charcoal - Once you have finished grilling, allow the BBQ to cool. Remove any cold ashes from the grate or drip pan.

Gas - Once you have finished grilling it is recommended that you burn of excess fat off the lava rocks by turning on the heat of all burners and closing the lid (if hooded model) and allowing the fat to burn off for approximately 3-5 minutes.

Excess fat should be removed from the drip tray / pan and firebowl of the BBQ to avoid flare-ups and fat fires. Fat fires occur when there is excess fat within the body of the BBQ which becomes very hot and can cause flames (much like a chip pan fire). Please refer to your owner’s manual for more information on fat fires.

Cleaning your BBQ

When cleaning the grills / griddles World of Power recommend you soak them in warm soapy water before removing stubborn burnt on food with a non-abrasive pad. If grills / griddles only need a quick clean, allow the grill to heat up as normal before cooking then use a grill brush to remove burn on foods.

You should regularly clean your BBQ between uses and especially after longer periods of storage. Pleas ensure your BBQ is cooled sufficiently before cleaning any components. It is possible for mould to grow on any fat remaining on parts of the barbecue; this should be cleaned off with hot soapy water. Any rust that is found that does not come into contact with the food should be treated with a rust inhibitor and painted with barbecue paint or a heat resistant paint.

If storing BBQ you should clean the whole BBQ including consumable parts such as grills / griddles, warming rack & burners with warm soapy water to remove grease or burn on foods.  An oven cleaner or BBQ cleaner can be used but please refer to your owner’s manual for more information.  The outside of the BBQ should also be cleaned and allowed to dry completely before covering with a quality Outback BBQ cover to ensure your investment stays protected from the elements.

For more information on storing, cleaning or maintaining your Outback BBQ please refer to your owner’s manual supplied with the BBQ or refer to our online website for a downloadable manual.