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Latest reviews for SIP Heaters


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SIP Fireball Turbofan 3000 10,200 BTU

On The Tin..

Great value heater purchased to take the chill off my garage while working on the Morgan.

SIP Fireball Turbofan 2000 Electric Fan Heater


Good price, very high power heater.

SIP Fireball 75XD 70,000 BTU Diesel Space Heater

Helpful And Educational

No idea what size I needed so rang up and the helpful lady explained the what the BTU's where and how to calculate to suit my requirements.

SIP Fireball 635 38,841 to 63,500 BTU Propane Gas Space Heater

Happy Customer

Cracking heater does just as it says on the tin, fast service and very helpful staff in helping me choice the correct heater.

SIP Fireball Turbofan 2000 Electric Fan Heater


Very impressed with the heat that comes from the heater.

Quality Space Heaters

SIP heaters are amongst the best space heaters on the market. Whether you need propane, diesel or electric heaters. As well as a range of heaters that blow hot air, browse our range of heating accessories such as trolleys handles and heater cages.