Backpack Brushcutters

With the brushcutter's petrol-powered engine contained in a backpack, the operator's hands are free to allow easier control and manoeuvrability. The better balance makes working on banks and slopes safer and easier. Backpack brushcutters by top brands Stihl and Warrior have an ergonomic design making professional or prolonged use easier and more comfortable. Carry-Along Rucksack Gardening The most versatile models can take a range of accessories which can turn them into hedge cutters, mowers, trimmers, and rotavators, greatly extending their use in the garden and on the land.

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  1. Makita EM4350RH backpack brushcutter with 43cc 4-stroke engine 60% LESS EXPENSIVE TO RUN
    MAKITA EM4350RH MM4-Stroke 43cc Backpack Brush Cutter
    • 4-Stroke 43cc Petrol Engine
    • Low Emissions & Vibrations
    • Backpack Brushcutter
    £621.76 £518.13
    Please Allow 4-6 Days for Delivery
  2. Stihl FR131T Backpack Brushcutter
    STIHL FR131T 36.3cc Petrol Backpack Brushcutter
    • 36.3cc 2-Stroke 4-MIX Engine
    • Simplified Start Up Procedure
    • Multi Function Loop Handle
    £750.60 £625.50
    Please Allow 4-6 Days for Delivery
  3. Husqvarna 553RBX professional 50.6cc petrol brushcutter 2 Year Professional Warranty
    HUSQVARNA 553RBX Professional 50.6cc Petrol Backpack Brushcutter
    • 50.6cc Petrol 2 Stroke Engine
    • X-Torq Engine - 75% Reduced Emissions & 20% Fuel Efficiency
    • Tap 'N Go Trimmer Head & 3-Tooth Metal Blade
    £813.14 £677.62
    Please Allow 4-6 Days for Delivery
  4. Makita EBH341R 33.5cc MM4-stroke petrol back-pack brushcutter ideal for pro-longed use.
    MAKITA EBH341R 33.5cc MM4-Stroke Back-Pack Brushcutter
    • Powerful 33.5cc 4-Stroke Engine
    • Versatile Backpack Brushcutter
    • Loop J Handle
    £839.16 £699.30
    Usually ready for collection in 3-6 working days
  5. Stihl FR 460 TC-EFM 48.7cc Backpack Brushcutter
    STIHL FR 460 TC-EFM ElectroStart 48.7cc Backpack Brushcutter
    • 48.7cc 2-Stroke M Tronic Engine
    • 420mm Cutting Diameter
    • ErgoStart & ElectroStart
    £982.80 £819.00
    Please Allow 4-6 Days for Delivery
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