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  1. Stihl FS-KM brushcutter KombiTool

    STIHL FS-KM Brushcutter KombiTool with AutoCut 25-2 Mowing Head

    Excl. Tax: £102.00 Our Price: Incl. Tax: £122.40 Inc. VAT

    The FS-KM Brushcutter Stihl KombiSystem

    Ideal for mowing and trimming round obstacles, edging up the lawn and general grass maintenance, this straight shaft KombiTool will convert any KombiEngine into a quality brushcutter. Fitted with a AutoCut 25-2 two line bump feed cutting head which takes 2.4mm trimming line which is ideal for heavy duty trimming. Lightweight at only 1.2kg with a total length of 94cm. Learn More
  2. Stihl FS40

    STIHL FS 40 27.2cc Petrol Grass Trimmer Loop Handle

    Excl. Tax: £134.22 Our Price: Incl. Tax: £161.07 Inc. VAT

    Stihl FS40 Grass trimmer

    This entry level FS40 petrol grass trimmer from Stihl is just the tool for light trimming around your lawn and small, overgrown areas. Designed with easy line replenishment, the auto-cut, mowing head is fitted as standard. This trimmer fitted with a loop handle and curved shaft, the FS40 include complimentary safety goggles.

    Garden Strimmer

    Standing head and shoulders above the competition the Stihl FS 40 is an entry level garden grass trimmer that has been designed to be lightweight and easy to use. Stihl trimmers makes light work out of trimming long grass and weeds. The unit has an Elastostart or ErgoStart feature for easy starting. Learn More
  3. STBG86C-E - Stihl BG 86 C-E 2-stroke handheld blower

    STIHL BG 86 C-E 27.2cc Petrol Garden Leaf Blower - Cruise Control

    Excl. Tax: £184.00 Our Price: Incl. Tax: £220.80 Inc. VAT

    STIHL BG 86 C-E Garden Leaf Blower

    Stihl BG86C-E 27.2cc Petrol Blower is a lightweight blower from Stihl built with a 27.2cc petrol engine. Weighing a mere 4.5kg, this machine is the ideal for clearing paths and lawns of grass clippings and fallen leaves. Ergonomically weighted, the machine is comfortable to hold and move in a sweeping motion.

    BG 86 C-E Petrol Leaf Blower

    The Stihl BG86C-E really is an all year round product for keeping the garden clear of debris. The 27.2cc petrol engine produces 0.7kW or 1.0bhp Output to create an Airspeed of metres per second or a whopping 810 cubic metres per Hour. It's a great blower, easy to use and very effective. equipped with the ErgoStart feature to enable easy starting. Full anti-vibration to Improve user conditions and supplied with round and flat nozzles. Keeps the drive and paths clear of leaves. blossom and general loose garden waste. An optional extra for the discerning professional or home owner alike. The shredder vac Kit (ST42417002200) Turns this machine into a Shredder Vac with a volume reduction factor of 14:1 fantastic to then; empty the bag right into your compost. A practical high-level 3m gutter cleaning kit is also available (ST42410071003) to Enable this powerful blower to get all that debris blown out of those hard to reach Gutters. Learn More

Welcome to a World of Stihl Tools

Once a Stihl tool has been developed, designed and manufactured it undergoes extensive testing before you even get to touch it for the first time.


Stihl have extensive testing facilities which have been specially developed to ensure that products uphold the Stihl quality which is known and loved around the world. When it comes to Stihl you can not only see the quality but feel it too. When you pick up one of their machines or accessories to use.


With a comprehensive range of machines from domestic quality to professional standard which are ideal for all garden and estate maintenance. With 3 key power options including petrol, electric and cordless power systems which offers the ultimate low noise levels.


With machinery ranges including chainsaws, leaf blowers & vacuums, hedge trimmers and a range of accessories to keep you protected and help make tasks much easier its very easy to see why Stihl are one of the top 3 brands currently within the UK.


Stihl offer a vast range of quality products ranging from powered tools to hand tools and a full range of accessories too. Ideal for a variety of applications such as forestry, agriculture, landscape, maintenance, construction and even for use in private gardens. No matter what challenges lay infront of you, Stihl will have the right machine or tool to suit your needs and make life much easier.

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