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  1. Flymo Turbo Lite 400 1500 watt electric 40cm hover lawnmower.

    FLYMO Turbo 400 40cm Electric Hover Lawnmower

    Excl. Tax: £75.62 Our Price: Incl. Tax: £90.74 Inc. VAT

    Flymo Turbo 400 Hover Lawn Mower

    This Flymo Lawnmower is designed for medium sized to large gardens this powerful electric hover mower features a 1500w motor. Made in the UK the flymo turbo 400 features a 40cm metal cutting blade and offers an adjustable cutting height through 5 stages from 15-41mm.

    The Turbo 400 has a lightweight design that makes pushing this lawnmower around the garden very easy, as it floats on a cushion of air and cuts in any direction. You can easily carry this lawnmower in and out of storage and even hang it on the wall when its not in use to save space in any garage or shed. Good length 12 meter power cable with domestic 230v plug.

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  2. Flymo SabreCut XT 18 volt hedge trimmer. The most powerful 'Easy Reach' battery powered telescopic reach headge trimmer from Flymo.

    FLYMO SabreCut XT Cordless 42cm Telescopic Hedge Trimmer

    Excl. Tax: £82.49 Our Price: Incl. Tax: £98.99 Inc. VAT

    Flymo Sabre Cut 18v Cordless HedgeTrimmer

    Flymo SabreCut is a powerful 18v battery powered extending hedge trimmer with an extendable reach and tilting head for cutting hedge tops with greater ease. The telescopic handle extends to 3m allowing you to reach higher whilst keeping you feet on the floor. The twin action 42cm blade makes quick work of most hedge trimming jobs around the garden and can cut up to 330m² on a single charge. Comes complete with 18v battery and charger

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  3. Flymo Ultra glide with 36cm can cut and collect in any direction

    FLYMO 1800w Ultraglide Hover 36cm Lawn Mower

    Excl. Tax: £112.49 Our Price: Incl. Tax: £134.99 Inc. VAT

    Flymo Ultraglide Hover Lawn Mower

    Fantastic hover lawn mower by the king of hover mowers, Flymo. This Ultra Glide lawnmower can cut in any cutting direction as it glides on it's air cushion making it much easier to mow. Designed with a 36cm cutting width the cutting height can also be adjusted through 4 stages from 13-32mm using the central height adjustment. Grass clippings are collected within the large 30 litre collection box which features a vision window so you can see when the box needs to be emptied. This Flymo lawnmower can cut over lawn edges and will get as close to walls or edges as any lawnmower will let you go! The handle folds down when not in use for more compact storage and also making it easier to transport the mower. The ultra glide comes fully assembled to you in a box of 895 x 425 x 412 mm. The mower is suitable for small and medium sized gardens as it comes with a longer than average cable of 15m. Learn More

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FLYMO XL500 Undercarriage (Undercarriage Only)

Expensive But Essential

This was the best price on the web, so we'll done World of Power, but many would wince at the price for a set of mower wheels.

Reviewed by fent77 / (Posted on 2017-07-29)

FLYMO Turbo 400 40cm Electric Hover Lawnmower

Good Service

Easy to order and product delivered without fuss exactly as stated.

Reviewed by JP / (Posted on 2017-04-19)

FLYMO 1800w Ultraglide Hover 36cm Lawn Mower


Great buy excellent service will buy again from them very happy.

Reviewed by Chas / (Posted on 2017-04-08)

FLYMO Compact 3400 34cm Electric Lawnrake



Reviewed by NEWSKIRLIE / (Posted on 2017-04-03)

FLYMO 1800w Ultraglide Hover 36cm Lawn Mower

Excellent Purchase

I have been putting off replacing my old mower but I am so pleased I have made the decision, this new model is excellent in every way, with the first cut the grass was somewhat wet but it coped with it brilliantly .

Reviewed by peter wt / (Posted on 2017-03-26)

Flymo Garden Machinery

Since inventing the hover mower more than 50 years ago Flymo have become market leaders in the design and innovation of unique gardening products. Founded in 1964, their design is simple, they manufacture a range of tools to make gardening easy. Designed to be a light, quick and easy way to mow your lawn, Flymo lawnmowers are ideal for smaller lawns and more difficult areas which can be hard to access.


All Flymo machines have a lightweight compact design so can easily be carried and stored away quickly and easily taking up little space. Their hedge trimmers are ergonomic and multi functional whilst the grass trimmers are uniquely designed with swivel heads which allow trim, edge and get under bushes with ease.


Part of the Sweedish group Husqvarna, this range now benefits from the professional knowledge of this well known and loved company.


Operating in more than 100 countries, Husqvarna have been developing and manufacturing machinery since 1689 - bringing over 325 years experience to the table.