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Ceramic Heaters

Ceramic Heaters

Ceramic heaters generate heat by passing electricity through heating wires which are embedded within the ceramic plates - the heat up and a fan blows air across the plates to heat the air. Most of these machines are lightweight and portable - they are great for small rooms such as offices whilst Grand Hall have produced a range of heating strips which are great for both indoor and outdoor use. World of Power offer quality brands from SIP, Grand Hall and Sealey.

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SEALEY CH2013 750w/1500w Ceramic Heater - 230v

Great Little Heater

Great for keeping my legs and feet warm whilst sat at my desk .

DRAPER HEAT2A 1.5kW Ceramic Heater - 230v

Great Value.

This must be one of the best heaters on the Market at this present time.

SIP Fireball 37 9,600 BTU Electric Ceramic Heater - 09193

My Winter Lifesaver....

This heater has been my savour throughout winter.

Electric Heaters

Electric fan heaters are often comparatively small in size and a very good choice for rapidly heating small to medium-sized rooms, such as homes, offices, workshops, garages, and warehouses.


Electric heaters can also be used in greenhouses to distribute heat and provide good air movement keeping damp and airborne germs at bay. These compact heaters range from smaller heat outputs right up to the high end outputs to keep small to medium sized spaces warm with ease. Stocking top brand at World of Power such as Draper, Sealey and SIP.